Wireless Solar-Powered

TYPE S Backup Camera with Extended Battery



Even if you're great at driving your vehicle in reverse, you can still stand to benefit from a TYPE S HD wireless backup camera with extended ... Read More ►
Backup Screen

Backup Screen

Premium HD LCD touch panel monitor: 720P with 6.86 inch screen

Solar Powered

Solar Powered

New Solar-Optimized Panels: Redesigned to capture sun from the best angles

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Excellent product and value

I have owned both the 1st and 2nd generation of these backup cameras. The Extended Battery Life wide angle version is really an upgrade to 1st generation. It has a clearly visible wide angle view monitor and both monitor and camera were easy to install. The 2nd generation model has a split screen option, so I am going to attach the 1st generation camera to the front license plate to get both front and rear views. I highly recommend this product.

Dependable and works great for an older Tacoma pickup

I am impressed and now I depend on the "Backup Camera with Extend Battery Life"as a gift. It was ready to go out of the box and setup was quick and best of all now wires run, other than the monitor USB power. Great for safety and avoiding bumpers when parking. Flexible mounting arm and rotating monitor gives you options. No battery issues even after a cloudy week, and the solar charged as expected, thought I would be happy to charge using the camera USB charge port when needed. I use the 30 second camera timeout instead of 60 or 90 seconds, but a quick tap on the screen wakes it up. I mounted the monitor on the windshield, just resting on top of the dashboard, which I felt was better than under the mirror or in the console. I recommend using a dual usb charger instead of the provided single capacity 12volt adapter. The only negatives was during the rain, but my other vehicle with a factory camera has a similar rain problem. I'm excited about buying a front facing camera to take advantage of the split screen option for a forward parking in the garage or even for 4wheeling. I had passed it over at Costco, but it is well worth $159 so I have been recommending it to my friends. I was spoiled by my minivan's backup camera so this made my old truck feel modern. After my positive experience I will consider other TypeS products.


The camera and wide screen monitor work just as advertised. My only complaint is that I believe that there should be an audible alarm when you're getting close to an object. Otherwise, I think the unit is great.

Good product with a few major flaws

First, the camera is as easy to install and use as advertised. Simply charge, install in your license plate holder, plug in the screen, and go.

A few key flaws.
1. The display can ONLY be powered by a cigarette lighter accessory port. This means the port is completely tied up, so you are out of luck if you have something else that needs the port like a dash cam or phone charger. In some cars, the port is in a cramped spot which makes a splitter difficult to add.
2. The camera is washed out in bright light or rain.
3. The curved backing of the display screen can make it impossible to hold on a grip mount, you have to use the unsightly suction cup/arm that it comes with
4. The camera will randomly turn on all the time, so you will need to unplug it or otherwise switch off the display if you don't need to see it.

Recommend it

This is convenient when you use your car a lot like me. I noticed that the shadows from the trees will activate the motion sensor while driving so I set it to near to see if it'll fix it if not just turn it off. A pretty useful and neat piece of tech. I recommend it

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