Heated Seat Cushion


Type S Heated Seat Cushion provides soothing warmth and comfort with any USB power source. Portable and convenient to use in any of your desired location.

    1. Provides safe and soothing warmth with any USB power source, such as external battery or power bank devices* with a minimum of 2500mAh capacity
    2. Continuously relax and refresh with soothing heat
    3. High density comfort foam provides comfort and support on any seat
    4. Insulated bottom layer protects you from extreme temperatures in all seasons and activities
    1. Color: Black
    2. Dimensions: 16.5(W) x 15.5(D) x 1.5(H) inches / 48.26(W) x 40(D) x 4.44(H) cm
    3. Weight: 1.2 pounds
    4. Non-slip backing
    5. *NOTE: This product requires a USB power port with a minimum output of 2A. Cushion uses approximately 2000mAh per hour to operate depending upon individual circumstances.