Infused Gel Comfort Cushion


Type S Infused Gel Comfort Cushion enhances your seating comfort with ergonomic support. The soothing gel and deluxe memory foam absorbs heat and provides ultimate comfort. This portable cushion can be used anywhere.

    1. Infused gel memory foam contours your body, absorbs heat and provides ultimate comfort and support
    2. Ergonomic design releases pressure and vibration to improve driving comfort
    3. Air flow channels provide additional air ventilation for maximum seating comfort
    4. Portable to use anywhere
    1. Color: Black
    2. Dimensions: 16.5(W) x 14.5(D) x 1.5(H) inches / 41.91(W) x 36.83(D) x 3.81(H) cm
    3. Weight: 1.1 pounds
    4. Non-slip backing
    5. Machine washable removable cover