Powered Seat Organizer


The Type S smart charging seat organizer is a simple and easy way to organize your drive and have the convenience of easily accessible 12V and USB charging/power ports. The larger multi-pocket design lets you easily place the tray on your seat for quick access storage. Organize, store, power and charge all within easy reach.

    1. Conveniently organize and power your driving essentials
    2. Simply plug into 12V power port
    3. Ample slots keeps all your in-vehicle items organized
  • COLOR Black
    POWER CABLE LENGTH 36 inches
    PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 14(W) x 10(D) x4 (H) inches / 353(W) x 250(D) x 98(H) mm
    DC OUTPUT 12V 5A/ 60W maximum
    USB OUTPUT 2.1A USB fast charge
    Replacing fuse Unscrew tip of plug, remove old fuse and replace with 5A fuse only. Do not use the product if fuse is damaged.

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