App-Controlled 24" Smart LED Starter Kit


Type S Smart LED kit with instant Plug & Glow™ can be applied almost anywhere and can be expanded up to 20ft (total combined). Great for cars, trucks, SUV's, RV's and motorcycles. With our free Type S LED app that works with most iPhone and Android devices, you can customize 4 different zones of LED lighting in your vehicle using 49 different colors and 8 LED modes.

    1. Free Type S LED smart lighting app allows you to easily access and personalize your LED lighting
    2. Select from 49 solid colors, 8 exciting effect modes including strobe, music mode; and save up to 10 presets for special occasions
    3. Connect and control up to 4 separate zones
    4. Dimmer control and Speed effect control
    1. 1 x Plug & Glow™ Smart Lighting Hub Controller
    2. 2 x 12” Multi-Color Light Strips
    3. 1 x 12V Power Adapter
    4. 1 x 12V Hardwire Cable
    5. 2 x Extension Cables
    6. Type S LED App

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