12V Twin USB & Twin Sockets Charger


Type S 12V Twin USB & Twin Sockets Charger converts a single 12V cigarette lighter socket into 2 sockets and 2 USB ports. Charge and power multiple electronic devices in your car at the same time.

    1. Charge and power up to 4 electronic devices at the same time
    2. Dual USB ports provide up to 3.1 A (1A and 2.1A) to power small electronic devices
    3. Convert and increase your car 12V power source from 1 to 2 sockets as well as 2 USB ports
    4. Dual 12V sockets with 8A combined max power capacity
  • COLOR Black
    POWER CABLE LENGTH 36 inches
    PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 3.5(W) x 1.25(D) x 2.4(H) inches / 90(W) x 29(D) x 57(H) mm
    DC OUTPUT 12V 8A / 96W maximum
    USB OUTPUT 3.1A total
    Replacing fuse Unscrew tip of plug, remove old fuse and replace with 8A fuse only. Do not use the product if fuse is damaged.

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