Air Flow Seat Pad with Multi-Layer Air Flow Channels


The TYPE S AirFlow Seat Pad with Multi-Layer Air Flow Channels is a great way to add cushioned comfort to your drive or other seating experiences.

  1. Breathable Fabric with 3D Comfort Nubs
  2. Comfort Cushion with Multi-layer Air Flow Channels
  3. Molded Comfort Foam
    Naturally massages and reduces pressure and vibration for maximum driving and seating comfort
  4. Portable Design
    Easy to use anywhere you need seating comfort - car, home or office
  5. Comfort Fabric
    Breathable Knit Fabric Creates a soft and comfortable seating surface
  6. All Season Comfort
  7. Adjustable Headrest & Seat Strap
    Make it easy to secure for cushioning comfort