AirTex™ Lumbar Cushion


Type S AirTex™ Lumbar Cushion provides ultimate comfort support with breathable air channels. Designed to be placed behind your back, this cushion helps to relieve pressure on your spine, enhancing seating comfort. Portable design to use in the car, home, office or anywhere.

    1. Soft comfort foam contours to your body, providing ultimate comfort and support
    2. Air flow channel provides additional air ventilation for maximum seating comfort
    3. Helps to relieve pressure on your spine
    4. Portable to use anywhere
    1. Color: Black
    2. Dimensions: 14(W) x 12(D) x 2.5(H) inches / 35.56(W) x 30.48(D) x 6.35(H) cm
    3. Weight: 1 pounds