ARMORGUARD Seat Protector - Classic


Spills happen. But with the ARMORGUARD Seat Protector, you’ve got state-of-the-art protection. Whether it’s a drop or a downpour, the impenetrable DRI-LOCK™ wetsuit fabric delivers a cutting-edge barrier without sacrificing comfort. Active kids and messy pets? No problem. Grueling work out and no time to shower? No sweat. There’s nothing the ARMORGUARD Seat Protector cannot handle.

    1. Versatile wetsuit material delivers comfort and insulation from the most extreme hot and cold weather conditions
    2. Superior protection from virtually every scenario, including active kids, messy pets, dirty clothing, workouts, outdoor activities, and more
    3. Latest slip-on design ensures a contoured fit on seats of any almost size, shape, and design, with installation taking just a few seconds
    4. Simple roll-up design allows for easy transportation and compact storage

    Advanced DRI-LOCK™ Technology
    Provides maximum water resistant and all seasons protection

    Universal Fit
    Easy Slip-on design fits any seat with a headrest, with installation taking just a few seconds

  • Package Includes 1 Seat Protector
    Color Black
    Material Wetsuit with DRI-LOCK™ Technology
    Universal seat protector
    Side airbag & armrest compatible

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