Premium Slip-On Seat Cover


Type S Premium Slip-On Seat Cover offers enhanced protection and comfort. Synthetic leather fabric has superior stain resistance and protects your interior from extreme temperatures. This adjustable sideless seat cover with comfort foam quilting fits easily fits most seats and slips onto your existing seat in just seconds.

    1. Water and stain resistant, durable and easy to clean
    2. Synthetic leather fabric protects your interior from extreme temperatures, elements and all-season activities
    3. Adjustable fasteners secure and contour the cover to your seat
    4. Deluxe comfort foam quilting provides maximum support and comfort
    5. Accommodates all seats with side air bags
    6. Fits seats with armrests and integrated seat belts
    7. Easy Slip-on design fits any seat with an adjustable headrest
  • Color Black
    1 Seat Cover
    Side airbag & armrest compatible
    Universal low back bucket seat cover
    Premium synthetic leather
    Easy care- wipe clean with damp cloth and mild detergent

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