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TYPE S 24" Smart Light Bar



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Mode functions include: spot, color,spot & color, and strobe


During your travels, there may be times when your vehicle will need some extra light. For those critical situations, the TYPE S app-controlled 24" smart light bar provides the necessary illumination that's easy to control from your phone. It provides up to 18,480 raw lumens. If you've ever found yourself in a situation where your vehicle's headlights weren't enough to meet your lighting needs, this premium light bar offers a solution.

What Is an App-Controlled 24" Smart Light Bar and How Does It Work?

Although light bars themselves have been around for a long time, the concept of a smart light bar is fairly new. Unlike a typical light bar that requires you to either wire a switch in your vehicle's interior or to turn the light on and off on the bar itself, a smart bar uses a dedicated controller that syncs with your phone. This gives you complete control over your light bar from an app.

The connection happens over Bluetooth and is powered entirely by your car's battery. Ultimately, this creates exceptional convenience and makes using your light bar as easy as possible.

Smart Off-Road LED Light Bar Used With TYPE S LED App

All you have to do to control your light bar is download the TYPE S LED app on your phone. The smart off-road LED light bar will get its commands from a Bluetooth converter that receives its commands from the app on your phone. This app allows you to turn your light off and on as well as control its brightness, color, function, and a host of other operating properties. No matter the situation, you'll always have the perfect lighting.

Can I Drive With My LED Light Bar On?

Although light bars are useful when you're parked in a dark location, many people wonder, "can I drive with my LED light bar on?" The answer is, it depends. If you're driving off-road, you can definitely drive with your light bar on since this extra light can help you avoid hazardous obstacles. However, the 18,000-plus lumens of your LED light bar are far too bright to use on normal roads since light this bright could cause temporary blindness in other drivers. Used safely, though, an LED light bar makes a great vehicle accessory.


This powerful, Smart Off-Road LED Light Bar provides up to 18,480 raw lumens. With the TYPE S LED App, users can switch the light bar on and off, control color, brightness and mode settings. Your vehicle's battery is protected with the light bar's built-in voltage protection stand by mode. Choose from 49 color options and display in spot, color, spot + color, and strobe modes.

Working voltage:DC 12V Only
Bluetooth distance:9.14 m (30 ft) (no obstacle)
Frequency band:2.4 GHz
LEDs:21 × Super White LED (each light)
21 × Multicolour LED (each light)
Raw Lumens:18480
Weatherproof Light:IP67 Rated (Light bar only)
Weight:3.15 kg / 6.94 lb
Maximum amperage draw:5.5A
Replacement Fuse:10A


    • Smart Light Bar
    • Weatherproof Hub Controller with easy battery connector
    • 3M™ Double-sided Tape for Hub Controller
    • Allen Key
    • Mounting Bolts
    • Zip Tie


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