5 TYPE S Accessories Every New Bronco Needs


If you’re one of the lucky few to finally get your hands on a brand new Ford Bronco, congratulations!  It’s time to start adding some accessories to maximize your smiles per gallon.  Maybe you’re still waiting to take delivery, and you can’t wait to start buying for your new ride.  Either way, TYPE S has lots of options available for Bronco drivers.  Don’t know where to start?  Don’t worry - we’ve got a few ideas!

TYPE S 24" Smart LED Light Bar

When you’re taking your new rig out wheeling, you might need a bit of extra light.  If it’s on the trails, yellow or white is probably the only color lights you’ll need.  But what about after that?  If you’re taking the trails out for a weekend of camping, why not add to the after party with app-controlled color options?  

The TYPE S 24" Smart LED Light Bar makes it easy.

Whether you’re adding ambiance at camp, or helping your friends recognize you on a night run, colored light bars are the way to do it. Color and functionality is easy to control using the free TYPE S hub app, and wiring is straightforward - easily tying into your battery.

TYPE S TERRA PRO 14" Light Bar with 12V Wireless Controller

If you’re looking for a switch-controlled light bar that requires no interior modification to install, this is the one for you.  Once you mount and power the light bar, pop the switch into a 12V outlet in your truck.  One flip of the switch, and you’ve got lights!  

You won’t be reliant on your phone for control when you’re out on the trail, and there’s no drilling or mounting into your beautiful new interior.  Don’t  stress over tucking away wires or accidentally damaging your dash trying to install a new switch set in your truck. The switch also doubles as a USB charging outlet, so you don’t lose any functionality when you add the switch.

With full IP67 rated waterproofing, the TYPE S TERRA PRO 14" Light Bar with 12V Wireless Controller can take whatever you throw at it on the trail, without requiring a ton of work from you.

TYPE S Blizzard Box

If you have to choose one accessory for your new Bronco - make it this one.  Whether you’re headed out for long wheeling adventure, a day of tailgating, or you just want to make your road trip a little more enjoyable, our Blizzard Box electric coolers are the perfect way to do it.

With our handy cooler in your rig, you’ll have access to cold drinks and safely stored perishable foods, no matter what the circumstances are.  Never worry about bacteria-laden meats leaking into your cooler, and don’t let “We have to go to town - I need ice!” ruin a day on the trails.  

With a range of sizes from 13 quart to 99 quart, there’s a Blizzard Box that fits everyone’s needs.  You can dial in the exact temperature you need, and there’s even options for dual zone temperature control.  USB charging on the fridge is just an added bonus - charge your headlamps, power a speaker for those tailgates, or make sure your phone has all the juice it needs (when you’re not off the grid, of course).

The Blizzard Box line uses smart technology to keep your truck’s battery healthy and foam insulation help to get your food and drinks cold while using minimal power.  

While you’re at it - don’t forget to snag an insulated cover to keep your cooler protected from dents, scratches, and the elements - whether it’s plugged into the truck, or set up next to your camp kitchen.

TYPE S 360° Smart HD Dash Cam

When you pick up your Bronco, you’ve got a trail ready rig on your hands.  You’ll be chomping at the bit to get on trails immediately, and you’re going to want to watch the highlights and share them with your friends when you get home.  What if you could share the trails with your friends back at home in real time?

The TYPE S 360° Smart HD Dash Cam with Live Stream capability will mean high quality video to keep great trail footage at the ready.  Keep it for your own memories, edit a video to share with friends and followers, or share it in real time with Facebook and YouTube HD live streaming capabilities.   

You’ll be able to capture what’s going on on the trail, and what’s going on inside the truck.  Add commentary while you’re on the trails, and keep your audience engaged.

Additionally - If you’re planning to park your new Bronco with the top off, you’re probably thinking about security concerns.  With pre-loaded parking security features, your new dash camera will turn on, lock, and record any activity when you’re not around.  Thanks to the 360 camera, that means capturing the faces and actions of would-be thieves in real time.

Seat Covers

Broncos are made for the dirt (and sand, and mud…), but your truck’s seats could be another issue altogether.  If you’re running your new Bronco topless, you’re going to want to protect your seats from the dirt and mud that will undoubtedly try to find its way inside.  If you’re not going topless, you’ll still want seat covers - even when your truck is running its heat or air conditioning in recirc, you’re likely to pick up trail dust  inside of your truck.  If that’s not enough motivation, remember that you and your passengers will be dirty after a day on the trail -  the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning your seats when you get to camp.

The TYPE S Wetsuit Seat Covers and TYPE S Wetsuit Rear Seat Protector with DRI LOCK®  are great waterproof options that will cover your front bucket seats and your rear bench.  The waterproof dust resistant design will keep your seats clean.  When you get home after a weekend on the trail, give them a quick wipedown,  and don’t worry about needing a full detail on your truck.

If you’re looking for Bronco accessories for your vehicle, TYPE S has options to suit every rig. If you still can’t decide, or if you have questions about any of the TYPE S products we offer, feel free to get in touch - we’re always happy to help.  Call us at (866) 294-9244, or shoot us an email anytime.