Image of car with 'Our Story' written behind it. Image of car with 'Our Story' written behind it.
We've always been here. For over 20 years, we've been provided innovative ways to personalize your vehicle. We've lit the way, given you the power to continue the journey, provided you visibility where you needed it, and helped you record your travels. We've protected your interior from daily use, you've trusted and counted on us when you needed us the most. We are TYPE S.

Our Mission

To improve the everyday lives of our customers by creating innovative, high-quality solutions.

Commited to Innovation

We are committed to always going above and beyond the norm. We invest in our own proprietary designs and technologies so we can deliver a truly unique and innovative experience for our customers. This includes being the first company in the US market to offer a patented wired backup camera design, a UL-approved lithium powered jump starter, and a solar-powered wireless backup camera.

Quality Lives Here

Hard work and innovation means nothing if the result isn't a quality product. At TYPE S, we build our products with pride. Before we release them to the market, we conduct rigorous testing and seek sign-off from our biggest critics - our employees, friends and family.