5 Ways to Customize Your Ride with LED Lights


When it comes to customizing your ride with LED lighting, the possibilities are literally endless.  Whether you’re looking for an exterior upgrade, or wanting to change the feel of your vehicle’s interior with custom mood lighting, there are ways to achieve any artistic vision on a budget of any size.

TYPE S LED Light Kits are great for all types of vehicles; including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs and motorhomes.  Not only do they add a personalized touch, but they’re super easy to install and completely customizable. The complete light kits include everything you need for seamless installation, including power adapters and cables, and some are even controllable from your smartphone for the ultimate lighting experience.

Check out the 5 top ways to use our LED Lighting Kits and be sure to share and tag us in your custom creations on social!


1.   Mix and Match Interior Lighting Options

Customizing interior lighting is a great way to change up the mood of your car’s interior, provide Of course, drivers around you will likely take note of your lighting taste, as well! 

Although you can never go wrong with a monochromatic look, don't be afraid to draw outside the lines and install multicolored lights. There are so many opportunities to achieve a seamless, mix and match lighting theme for your interior.

Throw some lights around your dash, replace your dome lights, cover areas with LED light strips, and swap out the accessory lights. At affordable prices, you can have a fully customized interior that showcases your favorite colors while dramatically changing your car's atmosphere. 


2.   Upgrade Your Look with Exterior Lighting Options

One of the most common LED lighting projects is for the underbody of your car. Underglow lighting vibrantly paints the streets while you cruise, or makes the outline of your chasse pop when at idle. 

To pull off this type of lighting upgrade, line two large LED light strips along the undercarriage of your vehicle. It's up to you whether you want them to be switch operated or to turn on whenever your car is in drive. Once they’re installed and turned on, you'll be lighting up the road wherever you 

But why stop there? Undercarriage lighting that’s mixed with other subtle types of exterior lighting options, is an excellent way to amp up your style.  Depending on your make and model, accent lights can have their bulbs changed to create an extremely customized look. You can also add an LED trim to heighten the front appearance of your vehicle. 


3.   Explore Different Looks with Flexible and Removable LED Lighting

Perhaps you want to change the look and feel of your vehicle regularly. That's where removable LED lighting comes in. You can use flexible and removable LED lighting to try out different configurations of interior lights. Perhaps one day, you want it all flushed out with red, and the next day, you want to try an array of different colors. 

Setting your car up with removable options will give you the chance to toggle how you display your lights as you go. Removable LED lights are also a great option to choose if you're unsure whether you want to install permanent lighting in the vehicle.


4.   Upgrade Your Storage with Trunk Lighting

You've got all of the interior and exterior covered, so what else is there? While it might technically be considered to be a part of your car's interior, we're willing to bet your trunk still has the standard-issue light that came with it.

Replace that standard light with an LED light strip, and you'll have a new way to illuminate your trunk. It's a small change, but one that many LED aficionados rave about. 


5.   Go Brighter

LED lights are a great way to show off a unique color scheme that makes the car unique. No other whip on the road, or boat on the water, will look as stylish and sleek as yours!

If you are looking for something even brighter than the norm, the TYPE S HyperBright LED Lighting Kit is up to 80% brighter than standard LED light kits. Some light kits also include signal and brake functions to provide added safety when driving. Find the best LED light kits online with TYPE S.

While some of the projects can be safely handled on your own, know when it's time to reach out for help with installing your new lights. Stay safe and start looking your best with your own custom LEDs.