Blizzard Box Cooler Accessories You’ll Want for Your Next Overland Adventure


If you’ve got a Blizzard Box (or really any powered off road refrigerator on the market), there’s a few accessories that might seem optional.  We’d say they’re more like necessities.  And the more you wheel, the more you’ll appreciate each of them.

Slider Mount

Coolers are heavy.  Load them with all of your food and uh…beverages for a weekend in the middle of nowhere, and they get REALLY heavy.  With a slider, you’ll be able to access everything in your cooler, and all the space around it with ease. As a serious bonus, a high quality slider like the
TYPE S Blizzard Box® 41QT/38L Slider Mount will also help to lock your cooler around in the back of your rig.  The last thing you want is to beat up your cooler and be left with warm beer at the end of a long day on the trails. 


This one might seem a little crazy, but we promise it’s not.  Insulating your cooler will help keep it from cycling on and off constantly, and add an extra buffer if you’ve forgotten to tie something down and it knocks into your Blizzard Box.  You know, hypothetically speaking.  Protected vinyl cutouts will allow you to monitor your fridge’s temperature and status without obstructions, and the vents will allow it to stay cooler without trapping heat from the motor. The handles stay accessible so you can take it in and out of your truck, and it’s fully compatible with our sliders.

A Bottle Opener

Attach it to your cooler or your Blizzard Box insulating bag, and give yourself one less thing to forget at a home.  Bonus: you just might become a campsite hero in someone’s time of need.

12V cord

This one should go without saying, but you need to power your cooler one way or another.  For the sake of the food safety and beer temps we mentioned above, plug that Blizzard Box in.  Just like with the AC adapter, if you misplaced yours, or maybe got too rough on it on the trails, we’ve got more with your name on them. 

AC power cord 

Maybe you can use an AC power adapter in your truck.  But maybe you can’t - then why would you want this?  Easy.  It’s a fast and effective way to cool down your fridge before you load it and head out for a trip.  Plug it in the night before, and ice that baby down!  If you’re a camp chef, it’ll ensure food safety for many nights to come.  If you’re the camp beer connoisseur, it’ll ensure your beverages are at the right temperature - so you can cheer on the camp chef while he works on your dinner.  Either way, don’t leave this adapter in the box because you “don’t need it.”  You’ll want it - whether it’s for trip prep or a party at home.  If yours accidentally went to the curb on trash day, no sweat - we have spares available.

Tie Downs

With or without a slider, you’re responsible for knowing you and your truck on this one.  If you’re an 80 mile an hour through the whoops with cheap suspension kind of driver, tie your cooler down.  If you’re a nervous nelly who’s going to worry about it tipping all day on the trails - tie that puppy down.  Peace of mind is never a waste of money.

Alternate Plug In Locations

If you spend a lot of time with a cooler in your truck, you can free up outlets with a dedicated plug in the back of your rig - whether it’s inside an SUV or in the bed of a truck. There are plenty of flush mount options that will add convenience to your life - just make sure you handle the wiring carefully, and hire a pro if you need to.

If you’re looking for Blizzard Box coolers and cooler accessories for your vehicle, TYPE S has options to suit every rig. If you still can’t decide what you need or where to mount it, or if you have questions about any of the TYPE S products we offer, feel free to get in touch - we’re always happy to help.  Call us at (866) 294-9244, or shoot us an email anytime.