Chelsea DeNofa wins Formula DRIFT Round 4 in Erie


A rainy forecast turned to sun on Saturday for Round 4 of the Formula DRIFT Championship in Erie PA as TYPE S-partnered RTR Motorsports driver Chelsea DeNofa earned the victory while Vaughn Gittin Jr. placed 4th.

Drifting past the custom TYPE S Pro LED course lighting and directly to the podium, Chelsea DeNofa left the event ranking 2nd in the Championship so far with 2 wins out of 4 events. Vaughn rounds out the top 5, behind Chelsea by just 57 points.

"Lake Erie fans showed up in force, showing that they had a huge passion for the sport of drifting that can compete with any market. You could definitely see that the drivers felt that energy and put it out there on the track,” said Jared Chavez, Sponsorship Marketing and Events Manager, Horizon Brands, LLC (TYPE S).

"I didn’t get a lot of practice so it was a lot of learning as we went. I went into the battles and was able to chip away all the way to the podium. Unfortunately, in my last battle with Aasbo, he couldn’t get his car fixed in time so I was able to do a victory lap for my first time ever. I was able to give it 150% for all the fans who were hoping to see a final battle! I feel like we’re in the golden era of drifting right now, and I’m so pumped about it,” mentioned Chelsea DeNofa, TYPE S fun-having ambassador and RTR Motorsports Pro Formula DRIFT driver.


The next round of the Formula DRIFT Championship takes place in Monroe, Washington, on July 30th-31st.