Formula DRIFT Utah


Utah Unleashed: Formula DRIFT Round 7 Recap

The motorsport world was buzzing with anticipation as the Formula DRIFT 2023 season hit its stride at the Utah Motorsports Campus. Located 4,000 feet above sea level near Salt Lake City, this track has seen its fair share of intense battles and memorable moments. This year was no different, with both the PRO and PROSPEC Championships delivering in spades. And guess what? TYPE S was right there, soaking in all the action, twists, and turns as the FD PROSPEC Championship wrapped up its 2023 season.

PRO Qualifying: Standouts and Struggles

As the K&N PRO qualifying session kicked off, RTR Motorsports was the team to beat. They've been on fire all season, and this event was no different. James Deane, driving the AutoZone Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5-FD, didn't disappoint, grabbing the pole position. Not far behind was Chelsea Denofa in his Pennzoil / BC Racing Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5-FD, claiming the third spot.

Simen Olsen, despite some hiccups during practice in his Feal Suspension Nissan S14.9, managed to snag second place. But it wasn't all smooth sailing. Big names like Fredric Aasbo, Odi Bakchis, and Matt Field hit some bumps along the way, making the competition even more unpredictable. On the rookie front, Diego Higa continued to turn heads, while Ola Jaeger had a challenging day.

PRO Competition: Dirt and Dominance 

When the flag dropped for the PRO competition, all eyes were on Chelsea DeNofa. He didn't disappoint, clinching his third win of the season. This victory extended his championship lead to a whopping 53 points. Throughout the heats, DeNofa showcased his skill, avoiding any major mishaps. But it wasn't without its drama. Mike Power's spin and Kazuya Taguchi's daring move in the Great 8 were just a couple of the many highlights.

Simen Olsen continued to impress, securing a third-place finish. And while he might be a long shot for the title, he's definitely left his mark this season. The final face-off between DeNofa and Matt Field was the stuff of legends. Their clash led to a high-speed collision, leaving fans and teams in suspense as they raced against the clock to get their cars back on track.

PROSPEC: Shaking Things Up

The PROSPEC qualifiers had their fair share of surprises. Championship leader Ben Hobson found himself in a tricky spot, placing ninth. But Rudy Hansen stole the show, earning the top qualifier spot. Geoff Donati and Joshua Love also made waves, positioning themselves as strong contenders. And let's not forget about Dmitriy Brutskiy's comeback and Sam Maghmoumi's standout performance, which kept things interesting.

Hobson's Championship Coronation

Ben Hobson's victory in Utah was the cherry on top of an already stellar season. He clinched the 2023 Formula DRIFT Link ECU PROSPEC Championship title, a testament to his hard work and dedication. And with his recent switch to Team Feal, it's clear that Hobson is on a trajectory for even greater success.

Cole Richards was another standout, earning the Rookie of the Year title. And Geoff Donati? Well, let's just say we're excited to see what he brings in 2024.

Looking Ahead to Irwindale

With Utah in the rearview mirror, all eyes are now on Irwindale Speedway. The battle between DeNofa and Field for the PRO Championship is heating up, and with the PROSPEC drivers gearing up for their next challenge, the stakes have never been higher.

The 2023 Formula DRIFT season has been one for the books. From DeNofa's dominance to Hobson's championship win, it's been a wild ride. And as we gear up for the final showdown at Irwindale, one thing's for sure: the world is watching. And guess what? TYPE S will be right there, lighting up the way with our LED kits. So, buckle up and stay tuned. The best is yet to come!