Rock Lights vs. Underglow: What Sets Them Apart?


In the world of automotive lighting, two terms that often come up are "rock lights" and "underglow." While they share similarities, there are distinct differences between the two that every car enthusiast should be aware of. In this article, we'll explore what rock lights and underglow are, their unique features, and how they can enhance your vehicle's appearance and functionality.

Rock Lights: Illuminating the Wheels


What Are Rock Lights?

Rock lights are LED lights primarily installed in the wheel wells of trucks and off-road vehicles. These lights serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, making them a popular choice among enthusiasts and daily drivers.

Why Do People Get Rock Lights?

People opt for rock lights for several reasons:

Aesthetic Enhancement: Rock lights are head-turners that give your vehicle a distinct and eye-catching appearance, especially if they have color-changing (RGB) LEDs. They can transform your ride into a visual spectacle, making it stand out in a crowd.

Enhanced Visibility: Rock lights not only look cool but also serve a functional purpose. They illuminate the area beneath your vehicle, improving visibility, especially when driving off-road, specifically rock-crawling, hence the term “rock lights.”. This added visibility helps drivers spot potential obstacles and hazards, enhancing safety during nighttime adventures.

Why Choose TYPE S Rock Lights?

TYPE S Rock Lights are not your ordinary LED light pods. They are engineered for durability and performance that surpasses the competition. Here's why you should opt for TYPE S Rock Lights:

Exceptional Durability: TYPE S Rock Lights are built to withstand the toughest conditions. Constructed from high-quality die-cast aluminum, including waterproof housing (IP68) and premium components, they can endure extreme weather, off-road adventures, and more.

Intense Brightness: When it comes to brightness, TYPE S Rock Lights shine above the rest. They illuminate your vehicle's wheel wells with unparalleled intensity, enhancing your vehicle's aesthetic and improving off-road visibility.