Tips to Tackle Tailgating Season Like A Pro


Tips to Tackle Tailgating Season Like A Pro

It’s football season, and you know what that means - time to throw a tailgate party! Everyone’s tailgating this time of year. What’s better than food, drinks, friends, and your favorite team? Here are some of our best tips to tackle tailgating season like a pro.


  • Check the forecast beforehand to make sure you’re not surprised by inclement weather. If the weather isn’t looking promising, you can prepare in advance by packing an EZ Up with you.
  • Bring extra cash with you in case the parking lots are cash only.
  • Tie distinctive decor such as balloons to your car so your guests can find you easily.
  • You can create a simple DIY handwashing station by filling a clean and empty laundry detergent container with water.
  • Consider the direction of the wind before setting up your grill. You want the smoke to blow towards the opposing team’s fans. 😉


  • Use a toolbox caddy or six-pack holder to carry all your sauces, condiments, and eating utensils!
  • Bring a large plastic tub to quickly pack away dirty dishes and easily haul back home.
  • Bring a metal bucket to store still burning coals when you’re done with them.
  • Pack a portable jump starterjust in case your car battery happens to die.
  • There’s no doubt you’ll be using your phone all day. Make sure you have plenty of backup power readily available. Our portable jump starters also act as a powerbank for mobile devices!


  • Prepare your food in advance to save time. You can marinate meats the night before, and slice lettuce, tomatoes, and onions ahead of time. Be sure to keep these ingredients properly cooled. The BLIZZARD BOXacts as a portable fridge/freezer allowing you to safely keep your food between 0º-50º F. Leave the heavy, leaky ice at home!
  • Whether you use a portable 12V fridge or a regular cooler with ice, it’s advisable to already have your drinks refrigerated prior to putting them in the cooler.
  • You and your guests will be up and about, so make sure you prepare easy-to-carry handheld foods such as hot dogs, burgers, and skewers.
  • If you’re bringing any pre-made food, keep in mind that it might not taste as good hours later when it’s cold. Consider using a food warmer such as the TYPE S 12V Food Warmerto keep your food piping hot and delicious.
  • A charcoal or propane grill is preferred over an electric grill so you can set up anywhere, but make sure to check stadium rules in advance to make sure they are allowed.


Hosting a tailgate party is more than just setting up a couple lawn chairs. You need to keep your guests entertained while you’re busy cooking. Plan some pre-game activities keep the party going.

  • We recommend games that are portable and don’t take up too much space. You can easily create a DIY version of ring toss by painting old wine bottles filled with sand in your team’s colors. The rings can be crafted out of thick rope sealed with some duct tape. Beer pong is also a timeless fan favorite.
  • If your vehicle has a bit of extra space to carry larger games, Cornhole and the giant yard version of Jenga are some fun suggestions.
  • Bring some fun accessories for you and your friends! Temporary tattoos, beads, bandanas and fun and cheap options.
  • Fans go wild on game day and you’ll often see them in crazy hats, signed jerseys, face paint, and more. Show your pride with some fun game day gear.


  • Keep it positive and fun! While good natured trash talk with the opposing team is bound to happen, it’s important to respect everyone and keep it a safe environment. Everyone is just here to have a good time, so don’t get too fired up.
  • If you’re a guest, don’t show up empty handed. Snacks and/or drinks are a must. And if you aren’t going to cook, help clean!

We hope these tips and tricks will help you score major points at your next tailgate party! Don’t forget to check out the BLIZZARD BOX for all your outdoor entertaining needs.

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