Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Quality Seat Cushions for Your Car


Let's face it, long drives can be a real pain in the backside - and we mean that quite literally! Anyone who's spent a significant amount of time behind the wheel knows how uncomfortable car seats can be, especially if you have an older vehicle without much lumbar support. But fear not! There's a simple and cost-effective solution to help alleviate the discomfort - quality seat cushions and covers. Not only can they make a world of difference when it comes to your comfort, but they can also help protect your car seats and reduce fatigue. In this blog post, we’re going to highlight the top 5 reasons to invest in quality seat cushions and covers for your car. 

1: Comfort

We would argue that the most obvious reason to purchase a seat cushion is for the added comfort it provides. A good seat cushion can help distribute your weight more evenly across the seat, reducing pressure on your hips and lower back which can make a substantial difference on long car rides. Besides, who doesn’t love a little extra padding even without the added back benefits?

It’s important to note that what’s comfortable for one person isn’t necessarily the same for another so there are a few key factors to consider when choosing a seat cushion for yourself or someone else. First, you'll want to make sure it's the right size and shape for the car seat. Some cushions are designed specifically for certain models of cars, while others are designed to fit a wider vehicle range. You'll also want to look for a cushion that's made from high-quality materials, such as memory foam or gel, which can provide superior comfort and support like our gel seat and lumbar support cushion set and won’t slide around while you’re driving. 

2: Reduced Fatigue

Did you know that your seat may be a contributing factor to feeling tired or sluggish after a long drive? In addition to providing added comfort, a quality seat cushion can also help reduce fatigue on long drives. How can a simple cushion make you less tired? We’re glad you asked. By providing additional support to your back and hips, a seat cushion can help you maintain better posture and reduce the overall strain on your muscles which can help with energy preservation so you can stay more alert and focused behind the wheel, while also reducing the risk of accidents or other driving issues. We have several TYPE S cushions to choose from but we recommend our ergonomic contour gel seat cushion for anyone who spends a good chunk of time behind the wheel- it’s the ideal choice for a wide range of driving and seating needs.

3: Improved Posture

How many times have you been told to sit up or stand up straight? Probably more than you care to remember if you’re someone who’s prone to slouching but poor posture really can lead to a range of less-than-ideal health issues, including back pain, neck pain, and even digestive problems. No one wants more of those so by providing additional support to your lower back and hips, a seat cushion can help you maintain better posture while driving, reducing the risk of discomfort on all fronts long-term. Our comfort gel seat cushion provides excellent support for your legs and back so that you don’t slouch down in your seat and has enough flexibility to be sturdy but still move with you as you lean to the left and right.

4: Protection for Your Car Seats

Investing in a quality seat cushion can also help protect your car’s seats from wear and tear. Over time, the constant pressure and friction from sitting in a car seat can cause the upholstery to wear out or lose color and become stained. We have a variety of quality seat cushions to choose from on our site that would all be great for added seat protection, but we want to take a second to talk about seat covers in this scenario as well.

If you want to make sure your teenager doesn’t spill their Dunkin Donuts all over your seat before heading to work or ensure your seats don’t absorb water from your clothing when it’s wet and raining then we recommend grabbing a set of our wetsuit seat covers with DRI LOCK technology in addition to a seat cushion for that added layer of security and protection from the elements. 

5: Multi-use and Portability

Finally, investing in a quality seat cushion can be a great way to protect your bottom and your back even when you’re not the one behind the wheel. When you choose a car seat cushion like our infused comfort gel seat cushion with anti-bacterial technology, you can quickly and easily transfer it from your driver’s seat to a friend’s passenger seat. You can use it on a bus, a train, or on a plane.

It’s also fantastic for use at home when watching tv or in the office, if you find that chair biting and uncomfortable to sit in for 8 hours a day. If you’re a fan of sports, or an active watcher of your kid’s activities, bring your cushion to the stands and be the most comfortable person in the bleachers. The possibilities are endless- wherever your backside needs some extra support, a TYPE S cushion can be your solution. 

Now that we’ve covered all the benefits, if you haven’t done so already, it's time to invest in a quality seat cushion for your car. With several types to choose from you can select the one that best suits your specific needs and preferences. Memory foam cushions are great if you’re looking for something that will conform to your body and provide superior support and pressure relief while gel cushions offer a slightly different experience and often provide a cooling effect making them ideal for hot summer days.

Purchasing a quality seat cushion is an easy and affordable way to make your daily commute, long road trips, or days at the ballpark and hockey arenas more comfortable and enjoyable. By providing added support, reducing fatigue, improving posture, protecting your car seats, and adding the ability to take it anywhere, a seat cushion is a smart investment for any driver. Head over to our seat covers and cushions page to find your ideal seat cushion before heading out on your next road trip. Your back, legs, and hips will thank you!