What is the Easiest Way to Jump Start a Car?


Do you know how old the battery in your car is? The average lifespan of a car battery is three to five years, and even then, there are multiple factors involved. Time, heat, and vibration affect the life of your car battery, and sometimes, you can’t predict when the inevitable demise of your battery will happen. And while you can’t always determine when it will happen, you can prepare for it with your own portable jump starter.

A portable jump starter is a powerful battery pack designed to boost a vehicle’s discharged battery without the help of another vehicle or power source. A portable jump starter can help those with older batteries or those vehicle drivers who always want to be prepared. 

How to Jump a Dead Battery Without Another Car

When your car battery is dead, there are two methods that you can use to get it going again – push-starting and using a jump box. 

The push-start method only works on vehicles with a manual transmission and if you have either a downward incline or other people to help you with the maneuver.  Regardless, the easiest way to jump a car is to use a portable jump starter - you can do it by yourself, and safely.

Portable Jump Starter

Portable jump starters, also called jump boxes, are like carrying a small backup battery in your car with cables attached to it – but there is more to these boxes than meets the eye. These boxes use software to prevent the voltage from spiking and frying your car’s electrical system, essentially making them safer than just using jumper cables. 

Not sure if investing in one of these is right for you? Let’s look at some of the features available:

- Jump capability for a 6.0L to 7.0L gas and 3.0L diesel engine vehicle
- LCD jump guide assist with battery status
- Charge up to three additional devices simultaneously
- Multi-mode LED flashlight
- Available with Qi wireless, USB-C, and standard USB charging output options

    Do any of these sound right for you? Sure, living in the city, you probably don’t think much about how to get help if your battery goes dead in your car. You have cell service everywhere you go, and people are always around.

    What about those trips that take you out of the cell service area? Some people travel through these types of areas daily to get to work or to visit family. If they suffer a breakdown, they may have no options but to walk for help or to wait until someone else passes by. TYPE S portable jump starters are a small investment for peace of mind.


    Steps to Take When Jumping a Car

    If you have never used a jump starter before, you will want to familiarize yourself with the specific features found in your owner’s manual. Before long trips or when you suspect you could have battery problems, get in the habit of making sure your jump starter is charged. If your jump starter is dead, it doesn’t do much for your car’s battery.

    1. If your portable jump box does not come with integrated cables, connect the ones that came with it or the compatible ones you bought for it. (TYPE S jump boxes include Safe & Smart proprietary jump cables)
    2. Connect the red clamp to the red side (positive) of the battery
    3. Connect the black clamp to the opposite side of the battery (negative)
    4. Once everything is connected, turn on the jump box as directed in the instructions
    5. After waiting for a minute or two, try to start the car
    6. If it does not turn over, give it a few more minutes and try again
    7. When the car does start, turn off the jump box’s power. Remove the clamps in the reverse order (black first, red second)

    Should you find yourself using your jump box more frequently, it could be a sign that your battery needs to be replaced. After every charge, you will want to make sure that you are charging your jump box to be ready for the next time you need it.


    Is it Safe to Jump Start a Car by Yourself?

    Using a portable jump starter for your car is safe when you follow the directions. There are many methods out there that people swear by when it comes to jump-starting a car. These are unsafe and should not be performed under any circumstances.

    However, using a jump starter box is one of the safest methods when it comes to getting yourself back on the road again if you end up stranded and alone. Unlike traditional jumper cables, you don’t need another vehicle’s battery power to jump-start your battery. You hold power within a box you keep tucked away.

    When you are looking for a safe choice on the market for your jump-start needs, TYPE S offers convenient models that offer everything you might need for a roadside rescue. Even if you aren’t sure you will be able to use one successfully, TYPE S doesn’t let you down – with models providing LCD step-by-step instructions. Get back on the road when your battery lets you down by using a portable jump starter.