Which Will You Choose? LED Edition


Summer is officially in our rearview which means build season and the holidays are upon us so what better way to welcome it than with a new set of LEDs? Exactly, say less. The hardest part is deciding which set to buy, where to put them, and how wild you want to go. It’s a lot for anyone to consider and with Type S having so many tried and tested, quality options we thought it best to use our vast product knowledge along with customer feedback to help you find a product that works for you. Let’s slide into it.

First and foremost, Are You Treating Yourself Or Someone Else?

Is it an obvious question? Probably. Is there someone who likely would benefit from us asking? Absolutely. All jokes aside, you do need to know at least a little bit about who the lighting kit is for. We carry several universal products that are easy to install and are compatible with almost any make/model. Still, if you’re looking to hook yourself, a family member, or a friend up with a sweet new set of LEDs for their truck, SUV, or motorcycle you may want to take a moment to consider some of your options.

Our universal pick that’s sure to brighten anyone’s day is the TYPE S 136" Smart LED Exterior Lighting Kit which you can grab here. Comprised of 6 high-quality LED strips and nearly 200 LEDs, this Underglow Kit provides lighting coverage to all sides of the vehicle. You can easily control your lighting with the TYPE S LED app, featuring 49 colors, 25 modes, and multi-zone presets to create your own custom look.

If you’re the proud owner of a Truck or SUV we suggest the TYPE S Smart Wheel Well Rock Lights which come in sets of 4 or 6. You can dive into more info about options for those here. These LEDs won’t only look great but will hold up under demanding conditions as they’re designed to endure the elements, including full submersion. IP86-Rated, dirt, and water don't stand a chance against TYPE S Rock Lights.

Interior Or Exterior?

Not that you have to choose, we’re down for any lighting combo but we need to know if you’re going for mood lighting, off-road visibility, a back-seat dance party, or just want to add a splash of color to your all-black-everything. Regardless, there’s a Type S LED set for you, your mom, and your best friend. Ahem, Christmas Gifts- just saying.

One of our most popular sets and our top pick for someone who’s wanting to add some extra light without breaking the bank or blinding their passengers is the TYPE S HyperBright Smart LED Interior Kit available here in 24 and 48-inch lengths. Size sometimes does matter. These LEDs are both easy to use and easy to install with cut lines marked on the back allowing you to control the length and placement of the strips to suit your ride and style. In addition to adding a little extra character to your interior, you can even mix and match your colors or modes to create custom presets with the Type S LED App.

For our more rugged, lifted, or Sport Utility folks, we have the Type S 72" LED Interior Light Strips. This kit comes with bright, flexible, adhesive-backed LED strips that are water-resistant, are controlled via remote, can be extended up to 12 feet, and is available in two colors: red and blue. Choose and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.  

Subdued or Scintillating?

Some people have a personality that is bold and loud through and through and others are more shy and subtle, we dig them both. There’s really no right or wrong way when it comes to adding lighting to your car, truck, jeep, SUV, motorcycle, or all-terrain- it all comes down to preference and sometimes budget. For this category, we’re going to give you a budget option, as well as a more complete, top-of-the-line choice for those who want to draw attention from all directions and for those who prefer subtly.

We’ll start off with the TYPE S Formula DRIFT Pro Series PSL Smart Underglow (Full Car) + 3rd Brake Light Kit. It’s a mouthful but it’s also AWESOME. As the first LED lighting kit licensed by Formula DRIFT and the official LED underglow lighting kit for all Formula DRIFT drivers, you’ll feel like one of the Pros. You receive two 24” exterior strips, two 60” exterior strips, and a 36” red brake light LED strip to complete your setup. With over 300 multicolor LEDs you’ll shine brighter than anyone else on the road. Read more and grab one for yourself here.

Now we’re all for the best and brightest but if you or someone on your list is more of a minimalist then we suggest you take a look here at the TYPE S Smart Exterior Trim Lighting Kit. Thanks to its slim and flexible design, you can fit it in tight locations like your grill, bumper, lift gate, or panel gaps. You can even install multiple light kits to highlight unique features around your vehicle or easily locate where you parked at night. This budget-friendly kit is easy to install, uses Bluetooth technology, and is connected to the Type S LED App allowing you to customize your lighting experience.

Form or Function?
Sometimes lighting serves an aesthetic purpose, other times it’s legit just for safety reasons so we would be amiss if we didn’t quickly cover a few ways you can brighten the path ahead, or behind you. When it comes to ensuring other drivers see you on the road, you can never really be too cautious and that caution doubles when you’re cruising around on two wheels with nothing but a pair of chaps and a helmet to protect you. Motorcycle accidents are brutal and casualties tend to run high, so do yourself or your loved one a favor and grab them a TYPE S Smart Motorcycle LED Kit. This unique design is built with heat-resistant material, allowing you to add a pop of color to your ride, and is made with flexible tubing so it can contour to almost any body style.

Secondly, for those who enjoy off-road adventures and want to avoid running into, or over something in the 100-acre woods, we recommend grabbing a TERRA PRO Ultra Light 20" Double-row Light Bar here. This spot & flood beam combo light bar can project light over 2,300 feet down a trail, is fully submersible, dirt and corrosion-resistant, and is rated to last approx 50,000 hours. That’s 11 years at 12 hours of use per day. Alternatively, you could go for a set of TYPE S TERRA PRO 6" Flood / Spot Lights. You can throw a set of these on before heading off on your next adventure and benefit from the flood/spotlight combo and a whopping 270 ft range of visibility. If you’re a football fan you know how far that is. Grab a set for yourself here, or explore our other Type S LED lighting options.

Head over to the Type S Auto website to learn more about our LED offerings and other accessories for your vehicles. If you have questions about any of the TYPE S products we offer, please contact us, we’re happy to help.