Your Off-Grid Solution: The TYPE S POWERGEN 500


As electricity demands increase and power grids become more vulnerable, having reliable access to electricity is vital. The traditional power grid often faces challenges during extreme weather conditions, leaving homes and businesses without power. The TYPE S POWERGEN 500 provides an off-grid solution to take control of your electricity needs.

The TYPE S POWERGEN 500: Your Reliable Backup Power Supply

The TYPE S POWERGEN 500 is a portable gasless generator designed to provide power and charging capabilities for your essential devices, tools, and appliances. Whether you're on the go or facing a grid outage at home, this high-capacity 500Wh power station keeps your essentials powered.

Key Features:

Versatile Power Outputs:

Equipped with dual 120V outputs, four fast-charge USB-A ports, two USB-C power delivery ports, and a 12V socket, the POWERGEN 500 accommodates a wide range of devices and appliances.

Digital LCD Display:

The integrated digital LCD display offers clear information on run/charge times and battery status, keeping you informed about power availability.

Expandable Power:

For added power, you can daisy-chain multiple POWERGEN 500 units using the included MC4 cable, ensuring you have ample energy reserves.

Multiple Charging Options:

Recharge the
TYPE S POWERGEN 500 through AC, 12V, or solar inputs (solar panel sold separately).

Integrated Storage Compartment:

Neatly store the power adapter, cords, and accessories in the built-in storage compartment for easy organization.

Why Choose the TYPE S POWERGEN 500:

Backup Power Supply:

Be prepared for unexpected blackouts. The POWERGEN 500 ensures you have electricity for essential appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, and computers when the grid goes down.

Lightweight and Portable:

For outdoor enthusiasts, this device offers lightweight, portable power, making it ideal for camping, outdoor adventures, and wilderness excursions.

Vehicle Battery Charger:

No need for a separate
jump starter; the POWERGEN 500 can charge 6V/12V lead-acid, AGM, and lithium-ion car batteries.

Power for the Outdoors:

Enjoy modern conveniences even in the wilderness. The
POWERGEN 500  can power air mattresses, lights, portable refrigerators, and recharge power tools, making it suitable for campsites and job sites.

Multiple Power Outlets:

With various power outlets, including dual 120V outputs, USB ports, and a 12V socket, you have the flexibility to connect multiple devices simultaneously.


Take your grid independence to the next level by
adding solar panels (sold separately) to harness the sun's energy and operate the POWERGEN 500 independently of the conventional power grid.

The TYPE S POWERGEN 500 stands out as a versatile and dependable off-grid power solution. Whether you're looking to ensure uninterrupted power at home during outages or seeking portable energy for your outdoor adventures, the POWERGEN 500 has the features to meet your needs.