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Interior LED Lighting


  • Dial-controlled with 15 different colors & 4 different modes
  • 2 x 12” LED light strips
  • Trim-to-fit assembly


  • Advanced COB technology displays bright, seamless light
  • Wirelessly adjust color, brightness, speed, and mode
  • Select from 49 color options and 25 mode settings


  • Unique patent-pending 3-way LED projection
  • Control lighting direction and mode (glow or strobe)
  • Expansive 220° lighting coverage
TYPE S Tri-Beam Multi-Directional LED Strips TYPE S Tri-Beam Multi-Directional LED Strips


  • Choose from 15 color options
  • Lighting Modes: High, low, flash, or fade
  • Control lighting effects with in-line rotary controller
TYPE S Micro Light Kit - Multicolor TYPE S Micro Light Kit - Multicolor
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Brighten Your Vehicle's Interior with Custom LED

Brighten up the interior of your vehicle with LED lighting. TYPE S Interior LED Light Kits are great for all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs and motorhomes. You are sure to find the best interior LED light kits online with TYPE S.
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Interior LED Lighting Kits

For situations where the interior of your vehicle may get wet or damp, like on a boat, find water-resistant LED strips that are protected with a clear, flexible diffuser. Energy-efficient LED lights provide lots of light while using significantly less energy than other light sources. This makes them a great option for your wallet because they also last longer than other types of light bulbs.If you want to go with the latest in technology, smart LED light kits are app-controlled for easy customization with the TYPE S app. By using your smartphone, you can adjust settings and choose from 49 different colors. These light kits are easy to install and easy to customize. Plus, they are affordable.
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Are Interior LED Car Lights Legal?

Having interior LED car lights in your car is not illegal. There is no legislation that says you cannot have them. It is even legal to drive with them turned on, although it is important to do so safely. If the lighting is impairing your vision or making it harder for you to see when you’re driving, you should keep them turned off while driving.
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Easy Installation for Interior LED Car Lighting

Our interior LED light kits come with everything you need for easy installation in your car, truck, RV or boat. The complete kits include two LED strips, a 12V power adapter, two hardwire cables and installation instructions. If you are looking for something even brighter than usual lights for your vehicle, the TYPE S HyperBright LED Lighting Kit is 6% brighter than standard LED light kits.