Image of car with 'Our Story' written behind it. Image of car with 'Our Story' written behind it.
We are TYPE S, and automotive accessories and add-ons are our specialty. For over 20 years, we have been producing innovative, unique and useful automotive products that make your life as a driver easier, safer and more connected to the road. Every TYPE S team member is an automotive enthusiast and our collective mission is to ensure every driver experiences the benefits from our high-quality and innovative products so they can truly enhance every future drive.


Our Mission

Our sole mission is to improve the everyday lives of all automotive owners, regardless of vehicle they drive, where they live, or any other factor that will affect their drive. We do this by creating effective automotive solutions with a specific goal in mind, listening to our customers for future improvements, and constantly striving to deliver innovative products that solve today’s problems while providing additional value to your driving experience.


Our Culture

The main differentiator between us and our competition is we offer people-focused solutions. A car is nothing without the driver, and we understand how important this is. For many drivers, their car is an extension of their personality, and that mindset is what drives the TYPE S team to cater to all styles and preferences. Our culture is also focused on integrity, quality, and professionalism. These values are driven throughout the company, from people to product, and we strive to ensure they’re also represented within our support networks.


How We Help You

Whether you’re in the market for automotive safety and comfort products, innovative and smart LED lighting, or cool and tech-driven vehicle electronics, we can help. Our engineers take every opportunity possible to innovate and create breakthroughs that will leave you impressed. They also focus on making sure that our products are as easy to use as possible. Our LED lighting solutions give you the opportunity to easily create a vehicle that matches your personality. Our portable jump starters are designed to cover a wide range of vehicle engines so that you’re never stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery. Other accessories are designed to improve some issue our customers have had in the past, so they’re always left feeling happier and content after experiencing TYPE S products.


Our Innovation

We don't just come up with the same bland solutions every time. We are always looking at what is possible and then going above that. We invest in our own proprietary designs and technologies so we can deliver a truly unique and innovative experience for our customers, including being the first company in the US market with a patented wired backup camera design, first in the US market to deliver a UL-approved lithium powered jump starter, and first in the US market to offer a solar powered and wireless backup camera.


Quality Lives Here

Hard work and innovation mean nothing if the result isn't a quality product. At TYPE S, we are proud to say that we believe that our products are of the highest quality. Our design and engineering efforts go into making sure each product looks and feels as premium as possible. That means using the best materials possible and also testing our products until we are confident that they will work for you. We also make sure that our employees, friends, and family sign off on our products. 


Our Professionalism

Professionalism is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that your impression of us matters, and we strive to make sure that your impression is always a positive one. We do this by working hard to create the best products and services we possibly can. We also focus on being consistent in our ability to surprise and impress customers. Every aspect of our business is conducted with this in mind.

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