Back-to-School Essentials for Car Enthusiasts


Back-to-School Essentials for Car Enthusiasts

We know – back to school isn’t everyone’s favorite time of year. Trading in joyrides for textbooks isn’t exactly the most thrilling transition, but with the right list of essentials, we can ensure you don’t need to sacrifice your love for the open road, even if traffic is a little heavier than usual during the semester. From dash cams to LED lighting, we’ve handpicked some Type S gear that will keep your ride exciting (and safe) to, from, and between classes as you daydream about the next road trip.

#1: Dashcams

In this day and age, a dashcam is a must-have. Every car should have at least 1 dash cam recording the road. With an extensive lineup of dashcams to choose from, we’ve gone ahead and picked a few that will fit into almost any budget.

Good: TYPE S S1 HD 720P Compact Dashcam (BT533079-1)

This entry-level dashcam remains compact and offers basic video recording and essential features like a G-sensor to save important footage during accidents.

Better: TYPE S S402 Ultra HD 4K Dual View Dashcam with FHD Cabin View Cam (BT532872-1)

This mid-range dashcam provides higher-resolution video, wider viewing angles, and includes a second cabin-facing camera that records in FHD 1080P.

Best: TYPE S P200 PRO Smart 360 Dashcam, 2K Resolution with VR Recording Mode, GPS, and G-sensor Built-in (BT530025-1)

The TYPE S P200 PRO is a new generation 360° dashcam that features 2K recording resolution. The 360-degree camera allows it to not only record what's in front of your vehicle, but also everything that's going on inside the cabin. The P200 Series’ unique VR recording mode allows you to play back videos in 360° virtual reality so you can relive the adventures at any time. Built-in GPS helps track exactly where and when the incidents happened. With the TYPE S Drive App, you’ll be able to stream the content caught on the 360° camera directly to your social media channels.

#2: Backup Cams

If your car was made before 2018, there’s a chance it won’t already have a backup camera. What was once seen as a luxury has become an expected feature for most drivers. Luckily, we have you covered.

Good: TYPE S Smart Wireless Parking Sensor, Bluetooth Solar Powered Wireless Parking Sensor Kit Car Vehicle Reversing Radar System (BT56485-1)

The TYPE S Solar Powered Backup Sensor is a proximity parking sensor that detects objects in front of/behind your vehicle and sends hands-free alerts to your smartphone via Bluetooth. More safety, less dents; this is exactly what you need. Compatible with iOS and Android.

Better: TYPE S Smart 1080p HD Backup Camera with Hardwire Connection (BT530027F-1)

This FHD Backup Camera connects to your smartphone to wirelessly display your rearview through the TYPE S Drive App. It’s loaded with features like night vision, all-season weatherproof construction, and a 120° wide-angle lens. An adjustable park assist grid helps guide you while reversing and the real-time video you see on your smartphone doesn’t delay or lag. Equip your vehicle with what is becoming a standard feature in most modern vehicles built today and give you the confidence to drive yourself and your family safely with the TYPE S FHD Backup Camera.

Best: TYPE S Solar Powered Portable License Plate Frame Backup Camera with HD monitor built into the rear-view mirror. Smart Wireless Button Control (BT530034-1)

The 5th generation TYPE S Solar Powered Mirror Backup Camera and Smart Button is the most advanced backup camera yet. With the addition of an adjustable lens and increased battery capacity to 5200 mAh, the integrated Mirror Backup Camera eliminates the need for a monitor on your dashboard. A push on the Smart Button activates the high-definition, touch screen monitor. Increase your safety by adding a second camera for a split-screen front and rear view. Add-on cameras are sold separately.

#3: Jump Starters/Power Banks

Emergencies happen. Maybe your car battery died, or maybe your phone died when you were using your smartphone GPS for navigation. With these jump starters and power banks, you can rest assured both are taken care of.

Good: TYPE S 12V 6.0L Battery Jump Starter with JumpGuide and 8,000 mAh Power Bank(AC532632-1)

This compact and budget-friendly jump starter and power bank can jump-start gasoline engines up to 6.0L and diesel engines up to 3.0L. Offers real-time step-by-step jump-starting instructions and safety notifications on the integrated LCD screen, available in multiple languages.

Better: TYPE S 12V 8.0L ProJump Battery Jump Starter with JumpGuide and 15,000 mAh Power Bank (AC532780-1)

This more powerful jump starter is suitable for larger vehicles than entry-level units, capable of jump-starting a diesel engine up to 5.0L. Conveniently fast-charge two USB-A devices and USB-C-powered devices and/or laptops on the go with the 15000mAh fast-charging capabilities. Also includes a handy emergency LED flashlight/lantern.

Best: TYPE S POWERGEN 500 - BackUp Power Supply & Battery Charger (AC530021-1)

If you’re looking for the best power supply and battery charger on the market, the TYPE S POWERGEN 500 is it. It’s a portable gasless generator capable of powering and charging your favorite mobile devices, accessories, tools, and appliances on-the-go, or at home when the grid goes down. This high-capacity 500Wh power station can even charge your vehicle battery. Equipped with dual 120V outputs, four fast-charge USB-A ports, two USB-C power delivery ports, and a 12V socket, the POWERGEN 500 displays run / charge times and battery status on the digital LCD.

#4: LED Lighting

Automotive lighting has changed a lot over the years, and TYPE S aims to bring the latest and greatest to the consumer. In addition to adding upgrades to factory lighting, TYPE S also offers stylish upgrades which can help keep you safe by making your vehicle more visible.

Good:TYPE S HyperBright Smart LED Exterior Lighting Kit (LM55878-1)

Add simple underglow to your ride with the Smart LED Exterior Lighting Kit from TYPE S, featuring multicolor LED light strips and a smart hub controller for a custom lighting experience using the TYPE S LED app.

Better: TYPE S Formula DRIFT Pro Series PSL Smart Side-Glow (Sides Only) Kit (LM532674-1)

Formula DRIFT has teamed up with TYPE S to develop the TYPE S Formula DRIFT Pro Series Smart LED Exterior Lighting Kit. Featuring a unique double-stacked LED design to create a bright and vibrant underglow experience, app control for wireless customization, and mounting gear for secure installation regardless of driving style.

Best: TYPE S Formula DRIFT Pro Series PSL Smart Underglow (Full Car) + 3rd Brake Light Kit


TYPE S and Formula DRIFT have teamed up to develop a premium car underglow kit for pros, amateurs, and everyday drivers alike. The Pro Series TYPE S Formula DRIFT Exterior Smart LED Lighting Kit (PSL Kit) is the new standard for professional app-controlled vehicle LED lighting. With the unique double-row LED design, heat-resistant materials, and weatherproof smart hubs, this kit will withstand the rigors of any track or road. Control lighting effects wirelessly through the TYPE S LED app.

#5: Seat Covers

Whether your interior sees rugged use from the job site, or from frequently messy passengers, added comfort and ease of cleaning is always a nice touch for any vehicle.

Good: TYPE S Ergo Contour Gel Seat Cushion - 1 Pack (CU57400-1)

The TYPE S Gel Seat Cushion provides support, comfort, and cushioning for a wide range of driving and seating needs. With the ergonomic contoured design, deluxe memory foam, air flow channels, plus layered comfort gel, you’ll be amazed at how comfortable your journeys will be.

Better: TYPE S Wetsuit Seat Covers Set with Comfort Gel & DRI LOCK (SC530001-1)

Keep your front seats protected with each TYPE S Wetsuit Seat Covers Set including 2 passenger seat covers with headrest covers for a secure and protective fitting. Enjoy the feeling of comfort gel combined with airflow channels for increased ventilation that will deliver an ultra-comfortable seating experience.

Best:TYPE S Rugged Weave Slip-On Seat Cover (2-Pack) (SC58002-2)

TYPE S offers great protection, styling, and ease of use with universal Rugged Weave seat covers. Rugged Weave fabric will protect your interior against the elements, stains, and spills. They can also be cleaned with ease. This is a covering material that is four times stronger than traditional wetsuit fabric.

Remember to check for the most up-to-date product offerings and availability. Prices and features may vary, so make sure to research and compare before making any purchase.