Elevate your Ride with TYPE S LED Lighting


Elevate your Ride with TYPE S LED Lighting

Ask any photographer what the most important element is when they’re trying to set the tone or mood of an image, and they’ll tell you: it’s lighting. Beyond the subtle interplay of light and shadow, the right color or colors, in just the right place, can communicate volumes – like when your favorite sci-fi robot’s eyes suddenly glow red when they turn evil or when the flame, spitting out of the exhaust of the car in the next lane turns from yellow and orange to an almost bluish white. The mood lighting is critical – and our team at TYPE S Auto knows this.

TYPE S doesn’t refer to your favorite early aughts Acura (that would be the Type R anyway, if you respected your elders). Instead, TYPE S is your go-to stop for top-shelf automotive electronics – but, while we will happily sell you a high-quality, 360-degree digital dash cam or high-output jump starter, we’re here today to talk about lighting. This is good, because whether you’re talking about using exterior lighting, interior lighting, or high-impact underglow to set your ride apart, TYPE S absolutely has you covered. 


Exterior LED Lighting

There are two basic schools of exterior LED lighting thought. The first believes that lighting exists to help you see, while the second believes that lighting exists to help you be seen.

TYPE S caters to both camps, offering products like the TYPE S Terra Pro light bars in a range of sizes, with options delivering up to 16,400 raw lumens of pure bright 6000K white light from their 36W LED bulbs. The Terra Pro light bars are also built tough, with a protective, diecast aluminum enclosure ready to light up any adventure. There are also things like flood lights, wheel well rock lights, and truck bed lighting to help the off-road lovers get the functionality they’re looking for to safely travel off the beaten path… with lights this bright, you’ll definitely be able to see.

As for those who want to be seen? This is where TYPE S really stands out from the crowd with their PSL Pro Series LED kits – the official underglow and LED lighting kits of the Formula DRIFT racing series!


LED Underglow and Trim Lighting

First made popular by JDM tuners and Civic Nation in the late ‘90s, underglow got its mainstream break in the early 2000s after the Fast and the Furious movies before (forgive the pun) fading out. The look has made something of a comeback in recent years though, as the ease, durability, and overall look of LED lighting options have out-Darwined the older “neon” underglow kits with an overall better experience.


Still, things can always get better – and that was the goal when TYPE S and Formula DRIFT teamed up to develop a premium car underglow kit for pro racers, amateurs, and daily drivers alike that features a unique, double-row LED design that packs more lights into the same space to create a bright, vibrant, and highly visible vehicle underglow complete with a 36” red 3rd brake LED strip. The kit’s durable construction, heat-resistant materials, and weather-resistant smart hubs mean the TYPE S PSL Pro Series light kits are built to last and won’t limit your driving to sunny days and clear nights.


Regardless of driving conditions, you will definitely be seen. Each Formula DRIFT underglow kit ships with 4 LED light strips to complete the look, and the kit’s simple, app-controlled interface allows you to choose from 49 unique colors, and 8 light modes- it even allows you to choose from multi-zone presets for a next-level, totally unique look that’s unlike anything else you’ve seen.


That level of customizability doesn’t require a lot of wiring either. With the app, you can customize the colors and patterns wirelessly, with minimal impact to your vehicle’s wiring (or warranty).


To help you take the look even further, TYPE S offers a Smart Exterior Trim Lighting Kit, and consists of a flexible fiberoptic material that can bend to fit along the contours of your car’s grille, bumpers, lift gate, or panel gaps.


The Smart Exterior Trim Lighting Kit is made of flexible rubber tubing and ship-backed with 3M VHB adhesive tape for secure mounting and easy installation, while built-in “Smart” 12V short circuit protection technology ensures that the installation is safe too.


Inside Line

Remember all that talk about mood lighting? Well, you’ve caught their attention with your bright LED light kit – and like that old-school Billy Ocean classic says: they’re about to get out of your dreams and into your car. What’s the mood going to be when they slide into the passenger seat?


Whether you’re going for a vibe that’s wild and exotic or a look that’s subdued and classy, lighting effects can play a crucial role in setting the mood of any personal space. By manipulating the intensity of the light, its color, and even the distribution– where the light is coming from – you can create various atmospheres and evoke different emotions without altering the physical space itself.


That’s true on a stage set, that’s true in a home or office, and it’s even more true in a vehicle, with all the sights and sounds that are a part of that experience and with all the time you spend driving, why wouldn’t you want to make that space as comfortable (and adaptable) as possible.


TYPE S can help you get the mood right with our top-shelf offerings, like the Smart Interior Glow Kit, which features patent-pending COB technology that packs 432 LEDs into a single 24” strip – that’s over ten times (10!) more than the 30 or so LEDs you’ll find in 24” of conventional LED strips, and the look is absolutely next-level (especially when you see the COB LEDs and conventional LEDs side by side).


The COB LED strips use the same wireless control app as the Formula DRIFT kit above, so you can make sure that whatever combination of those 49 unique colors, 8 light modes, and multi-zone presets you’re using outside the car will be complimented perfectly inside the car, as well.


At the end of the day, whether you’re a car enthusiast and want to shine bright like the pros, looking for a way to level up your lighting game for safety and security at night, or just want to make your ride a little more you- TYPE S has the LEDs to make it happen. Check out our extensive range and light up your ride with TYPE S today.