Best Methods To Protect Your Car's Interior


There is nothing quite like that new-car smell and look. Over time, though, dust, grime, heat and UV rays inevitably take a toll on the interior of most cars, trucks and SUVs. Fortunately, regardless of your car's age, there are ways to preserve or restore its insides.

Once you know how to maintain a car's interior, you can keep your vehicle in tip-top shape or bring it back to its previous condition. 


Vacuum Regularly 

Every time you climb into your car, your shoes transfer dirt into your vehicle's interior. It is important to remove this dirt before it works its way down to the base of your automotive carpeting. Eventually, accumulated dirt causes discoloration and matting, and may contribute to foul smells inside your vehicle. 

Regular vacuuming removes dirt before it damages your car's interior and fluffs carpeting, which keeps your vehicle looking its best. If you transport children or pets, you may want to vacuum weekly or even more frequently. 


Protect Your Seats With Seat Covers

Sliding in and out of your vehicle, picking up the kids for carpool, taking the family dog on a road trip— no matter what your day-to-day looks like, normal wear and tear can make your car’s seating look shabby. Seat covers are the answer.

The TYPE S Seat Covers Set Built With Kevlar offers tough protection for your car's seats. Not only do the covers prevent seat tears, but they also have a dynamic and modern look. Furthermore, this set comes with two seat covers and two headrest covers, allowing you to achieve the perfect fit in just a few minutes. 

If you like to grab a coffee during your commute or eat fast food while you drive, you have probably spilled at one time or another. Liquid spills can be disastrous for car seats, as liquid often flows deep inside fabric and padding.

With the TYPE S Wetsuit Seat Covers Set With DRI LOCK, a water-resistant barrier stops liquids before they damage your car's seats. Like other TYPE S car seats and cushions, this set comes with step-by-step installation instructions to ensure your new seat covers fit flawlessly. Even better, this set looks so sleek, you may forget you installed it. 

Keep the Windows Cracked

When the outside temperature is a pleasant 80 degrees, the temperature inside your vehicle may surpass 100 degrees in less than 20 minutes. Not only is a hot interior uncomfortable for you, but it may be damaging to your car. 

If the plastic, leather, rubber and other materials inside your vehicle are too hot for too long, they can begin to degrade. By cracking your windows on hot days, you keep the ravages of heat from damaging or destroying your car's interior. You also permit fresh air to circulate through your vehicle. 


Use Coolers When Traveling With Food

When you pick up dinner or buy groceries, your car's interior is at risk of damage from both spills and smells. Safeguard against these risks by using coolers every time you travel with food. Not only do coolers keep your food at the correct temperature, but they prevent it from ruining your car.

The TYPE S Blizzard Box Portable Electric Cooler is the way to go. Available in many different sizes, this electric cooler gives you a portable fridge and freezer without the need for ice. It also has built-in USB charging, allowing you to keep your electronic devices charged wherever you are. 

Block From Sunlight 

Though your car is meant to be outdoors, UV rays from the sun can cause catastrophic damage. To prevent the sun from distorting the color and elasticity of your vehicle's interior, block it from sunlight as often as you can. The best car interior protection includes parking in a garage or using a windshield shade. 

Good vehicle habits can be difficult to form. Ultimately, though, by taking steps to maintain your car's interior today, you preserve its condition, comfort and value for years to come.