How To Upgrade an Older Car With New Tech


New cars are often full of technology that makes them safer and more fun to drive. Still, there is nothing quite like driving an older vehicle you love. Whether you have a classic car or just a more seasoned one, you can change the overall feel of your vehicle by adding some aftermarket technology. 

When it comes to tech upgrades for old cars, the sky's the limit. Nevertheless, some common technology enhancements are likely to give you an immediate improvement without breaking the bank. 


Enhance Your Visibility With Back-Up Cameras

Since 2018, all new vehicles sold in the U.S. must come with a backup camera. This is for a good reason, as backup cameras prevent backover accidents and bumper benders. Fortunately, if your vehicle does not have one, you can enhance your visibility by shopping for backup cams for older cars. 

The best backup cameras on the market today feature HD visibility with an in-cabin screen. Luckily, if you have a smartphone, you already have the viewing display you need to back safely. The TYPE S Solar-Powered Smart 1080p HD Backup Camera sends footage of the space behind your vehicle directly to your phone.

In addition to giving you clear 120-degree footage in real-time, this HD camera also comes with a parking aid that alerts you when you are getting too close to objects behind you. 

Bluetooth Capability for Easier Rides

Bluetooth technology integrates your smartphone and other devices into your driving experience. If you regularly talk on the phone, send voice-to-text messages, or listen to navigational instructions, adding Bluetooth to your older car makes a great deal of sense. 

Aftermarket Bluetooth technology allows you to connect your smartphone to your vehicle. This technology facilitates your conversation without taking your hands off the wheel when you want to place a call. Likewise, Bluetooth plays your app playlists or satellite radio through your car's speakers if you enjoy hearing your favorite tracks. 


All Eyes on Deck With Dash Cams

Dashcams not only make for compelling viewing on YouTube, but their footage is often valuable in investigating car accidents. Even if you want to remember your driving adventures, you need an aftermarket dash cam. 

TYPE S dash cams continue to protect and inspire drivers around the globe. The TYPE S 360-Degree Dash Cam With Live Stream is an excellent all-around dash cam for car enthusiasts of all ages. This camera records 360 degrees outside and inside your vehicle, giving you a crystal clear picture of everything going on around you. 

Even better, with the TYPE S 360-Degree Dash Cam's live-stream feature, you can immediately show off your adventure to your friends and relatives. Whether you are a car fanatic or someone who drives out of necessity, live streaming keeps you connected with those who mean the most to you.


USB Ports for Charging Capabilities 

Your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other electronic devices have internal batteries that drain over time. Few things on your trip are likely to be more frustrating than running out of battery juice when you are far from a charging station. Aftermarket USB ports permit you to charge your devices virtually anywhere. 

You have some options for boosting your charging capabilities. First, you can install aftermarket USB ports in your vehicle's interior or opt for plug-in solutions for your car's cigarette lighter. Your tech upgrades can be even better, though.

The TYPE S Blizzard Box Portable Electric Cooler has USB charging ports. While charging your devices, you also keep drinks, food, and perishable items at the perfect temperature. Alternatively, to ensure you never have to contend with a dead car battery, pick up a TYPE S Jump Starter Power Bank With Dual USB Charging Ports

Automotive tech upgrades get better and more affordable every day. Be sure you check in with TYPE S regularly for everything you need to prepare your older vehicle for the future.