Cleetus and Cars Bristol 1000 Brings Thrilling Showdowns


Cleetus McFarland, the charismatic automotive YouTuber known for his adrenaline-pumping content, took over Bristol Motor Speedway on September 2-3, 2023. With a rapidly growing fanbase, every Cleetus event promises excitement. We at TYPE S were thrilled to light up the event as the official lighting partner.

"Cleetus and Cars" is McFarland's signature event series, featuring car meets and drag races. These events are a magnet for car enthusiasts, offering car shows, burnout competitions, drag races, special guests, giveaways, and more. This year, the iconic Bristol Motor Speedway played host to the Bristol 1000. The event's highlight was the 80-lap Crown Victoria race, where 30 Ford Crown Vics were driven by a diverse group, from monster truck to Indy car drivers and YouTube stars. The event also showcased a burnout pad, a reverse race, and the crowd-favorite Tour of Destruction.

Joseph Joiner, from the Hunt the Front YouTube vlog, stole the show by taking the lead in the final three laps. He masterfully held off Texan racer, John Parker Mitchell, to win the intense 80-lap race. Joiner's prize? A stunning Chevrolet Camaro in Pennzoil colors and a unique bald eagle-shaped trophy. The race's turning point was a restart where Joiner outshone Tye Braun, a key fabricator for McFarland. Mitchell also surpassed Braun, making the race's finale nail-bitingly close. Joiner, reflecting on his win, said, "We waited until about 20 laps to go to push it. The restart played right to us, and we got it done."

Justin Hildebrand, known as JH Diesel, led the first 58 laps. A pit stop changed his game, but he still clinched a respectable fourth place. IndyCar star, Conor Daly, showcased his prowess by finishing in the top five. Before the main event, the audience enjoyed the "Tour of Destruction." Jeff "Speedycop" Bloch, driving a tribute to the legendary Dale Earnhardt, won the flag-pole race, a thrilling event where cars weave around parked vehicles.

Nathan Pittman wowed the crowd in the "reverse race," where drivers race backward. McFarland led for most of the race until an unexpected clash changed the game. The Cleetus and Cars Bristol 1000 was an electrifying mix of racing and stunts that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Keep an eye out for more thrilling updates, as TYPE S continues to light up the automotive world! Want to shine bright as the pros do? Check out our full line of TYPE S LEDs!