Mike Power Jump Starter


Revolutionizing Power On-the-Go: The Mike Power x TYPE S 8000mAh Wireless Jump Starter 

In the realm of modern living, where smartphones are lifelines and vehicles are extensions of our being, power is paramount. Pro Formula Drift driver Mike Power knows better than anyone the daily struggle of juggling between communication, navigation, and entertainment and that it requires a reliable energy source that can keep up. When that source blends innovation, convenience, and reliability seamlessly, it becomes a game-changer. Enter the Mike Power x TYPE S 8000mAh Wireless Jump Starter

The Mike Power x TYPE S 8000mAh Wireless Jump Starter is a testament to the evolution of power in the modern era. Whether you're navigating the urban landscape, embarking on an adventure, or simply looking for a dependable power solution, this device transcends expectations. It's not just about charging; it's about control, reliability, and adaptability.

The collaborative effort between Mike Power and TYPE S has resulted in a device that resonates with the essence of contemporary living. It's an acknowledgment of the fact that power is no longer confined to stationary sockets. It's a companion that keeps you connected, even when you're on the move. We could talk about it all day, but for now, we’re just going to break it down to show you what this compact device is packing under its cool exterior. 

Size and Durability

The days of worrying about where you’re going to store your jump starter are long gone. Coming in at just over 6” in length, and 3.5” in width, weighting less than 1lb The Mike Power x TYPE S 8000mAh Wireless Jump Starter is designed to fit easily into any vehicle and is the perfect blend of portability and power. What good would a jump starter be if it wasn’t able to hold up to the elements you’ll need to use it in? The  Mike Power x TYPE S jump starter won’t leave you hanging when temps drop below freezing, or skyrocket into heatwave territory. It’s also splash-resistant ensuring your unit is protected in all weather conditions. Safety, utility, and style converge seamlessly in the Mike Power x TYPE S Jump Starter.

It Packs Power
The Lithium-Ion internal battery with a capacity of 29.6 Wh (8000mAh) ensures sustained energy delivery. Input options include Micro USB and USB-C ports, catering to modern charging needs while output possibilities feature USB-A and USB-C ports, and the jump start current, peaking at 400A, is nothing to scoff at. It can even reach a full charge from 0 in about 2 hours.


Built-in Lightning Charging Cable or USB-C cable

Ever experienced that moment of panic when you realize you've left your phone's charging cable at home? The Mike Power x TYPE S Jump Starter eliminates that worry. Nestled discreetly under the top flap of the power bank, you'll find a Mfi-certified lightning charging cable, or USB-C cable, always ready to bridge the gap between low battery and full power. With this must-have inclusion, convenience takes center stage.

Portable Power Bank

Life doesn't pause, and neither should your power. The 8000mAh portable power bank within the Mike Power Jump Starter offers a symphony of convenience. A glance at the Power Bank reveals a thoughtfully designed ensemble of functionalities. Multiple charging ports, the Qi Charging area, an informative LCD, hazard lights, a flashlight, and port covers form a cohesive unit. This orchestrated arrangement ensures that you have all the tools at your disposal, whether you're navigating through a dimly lit parking lot or treading an uncharted trail. With the ability to jump-start gas engines up to 6.0L and diesel engines up to 3.0L, it transforms you into the hero of your own road journey.

Sporting fast-charge USB-A and USB-C ports, it ensures that your devices stay charged, whether you're traversing cityscapes or journeying through the wilderness. It's the assurance that your phone, tablet, or any other gadget you hold dear remains energized and at your service.

Intelli-Step Jump Guide: LCD Display

No jump-starting process should be a guessing game. The integrated LCD screen offers real-time, step-by-step instructions. This interactive guide, available in multiple languages, guarantees that you're informed and in control. Safety notifications further ensure that your experience is not just powerful, but also protected.

Wireless Charging

Tangling with charging cables is a dance we all could do without. The Mike Power x TYPE S Jump Starter transcends this struggle with its built-in wireless charging pad. Compatible with Qi-enabled phones, this feature is a testament to the device's forward-looking design. 

Integrated Flashlight & Red Hazard Lights

Breakdowns, especially at night, can be unnerving. The Mike Power x TYPE S Jump Starter addresses this concern with its integrated flashlight and red hazard lights. These features ensure that your presence on the road is illuminated, providing vital information to other drivers. You have the ability to choose between various light patterns, including flash, strobe, or emergency S.O.S. 

In the ever-changing and unpredictable paths of life, this power solution is a constant. Mike Power's own words rings true – 

Upgrade your vehicle’s safety kit and grab a Mike Power x TYPE S 8000mAh Wireless Jump Starter with Built-in Cable and put control back in your hands.