How To Keep Your Car Clean During a Family Road Trip (With Kids or Pets)


Few things in life are better than a good, old-fashioned family road trip. Whether your family consists of children, pets or both, you undoubtedly know how messy your passengers can be. Fortunately, you do not have to travel surrounded by trash, grime and spills.

Along with shopping for must haves for road trips with kids or pets, you may want to spend some time thinking about the condition of your car's interior. With just a few simple steps, you can travel comfortably without worrying about your car looking like a warzone when you return home. 


Keep Trash Bags Handy

On long road trips, trash seems to multiply on its own. Not only do bags, wrappers and other pieces of trash needlessly clutter your vehicle, but they also may smell awful. By keeping trash bags handy, you and your kids know exactly where to discard unwanted items. 

Tying your trash bags when you are not using them helps to contain odors. Then, when you stop at a rest area, convenience store or restaurant, you can leave your trash bag in a dumpster or trash can. 


Antibacterial Wipes for Spills

Even if your kids are careful, spills are inevitable on road trips. Having a good supply of antibacterial wipes ensures you do not have to ride with sticky, smelly or unsightly spills in your vehicle. If you have pets, of course, you can also use your antibacterial wipes to quickly and safely clean up accidents and drool. 


Seat Covers for Every Occasion 

You probably know your kids and your pets better than anyone else does. If the human and animal members of your family tend to be untidy in the car, installing car seats before you start your road trip makes sense. 


For Long Trips During Rainy Seasons

If you take long trips during rainy seasons, you must contend with moisture and mud. Both of these can wreak havoc on your car's seats. With the TYPE S Wetsuit Seat Covers Set With Heather Fabric and DRI LOCK, you prevent moisture from working its way deep into your seat's fabric and padding. 

Because this set has the same technology divers use to protect themselves from water, you automatically know it can stand up to rain, mud and liquid spills. Furthermore, the heather fabric inserts on this set give it a clean and modern look that complements any vehicle's interior. 

If you want a monochromatic look with your seat covers, the TYPE S Wetsuit Seat Covers Set With DRI LOCKis the way to go. Not only does this set provide water-resistant protection for your car's seats, but it also comes in two pieces that fit your seat and headrest perfectly. In fact, you may even forget your car has seat covers, as this set does not shift or bunch. 


For Road Trips With Kids and Pets

Even though you may wipe your feet before climbing into your car, truck or SUV, your kids and pets may drag moisture, dirt and grime into your vehicle. The TYPE S Rear Bench Rugged Weave Seat Protector Built With Kevlar offers strong protection against stains, odors and tears. This protector fits securely and installs quickly over your vehicle's rear bench. 


To Keep Germs and Odors From Sticking

While combating spills and stains is a large part of the battle, you must also keep germs and odors from destroying your car's interior. Seat covers can help with that. The TYPE S NTRL Deodorizing Slip-On Seat Cover actively eliminates the bad odors in your car. That is, this innovative slipcover has an activated charcoal pouch that traps smells and purifies the air. 

When you are on a road trip, your kids and pets may pick up germs from stores, parks, playgrounds and other places. The TYPE S Wetsuit Seat Covers Antibacterial - Pair offers extensive protection for your seats with the added benefit of antibacterial technology. Simply put, this set's antibacterial fabric prevents germs from sticking to your car's seats. 

Store Your Food

Carrying food with you not only helps you keep your road trip affordable, but it also allows your children and pets to eat healthy snacks on the road. To keep your perishable foods from spoiling, invest in a TYPE S Blizzard Box Portable Electric Cooler. This cooler organizes your food and gives you a USB charger for your electronic devices. 

Available in many different sizes, the Blizzard Box cooler can reach temperatures as low as 0 degrees. While keeping food and drinks cool or frozen is a neat feature, the Blizzard Box also prevents spills. That is, when you store your food properly, you do not have to worry about it leaking or spilling onto your car's seats. 

Now that you know how to keep a car clean during a road trip, you are ready to plan your next family adventure. Pick up essential seat covers, coolers and accessories to protect your vehicle when you are making memories with your kids or pets.