The Ultimate Guide to Off-Road Lighting


Whether you’re crawling up a pile of rocks, or cruising down a mountain trail, having the ability to clearly see ahead of your truck, or UTV is paramount, especially after the sun goes down. No matter where you live, the best off-roading is far from the glow of city lights. Original vehicle headlights and fog lights typically have a tough time providing adequate light for an off-road adventure that continues after sunset. Depending on the moon and stars to light your off-road path is not exactly a prudent decision. Cloud cover, tall trees, and mountains can block natural light from the sky, making driving in the dark extremely risky

Adding aftermarket lighting to your off-road vehicle is a must. You never know when a day-trip will carry you into the night. 

Benefits of Off-Road Lighting

High intensity, glare-free LED lights are essential for 4x4 vehicles that hit the gravel at night. It’s vital to have clear visibility of rocks, dips, wildlife and other hazards when driving in pitch-black darkness. Off-road LED lights come in different shapes and sizes and can project up to three different beam patterns: spotlight, floodlight, or a blend with a spot & flood light combo. 

Not only do off-road lights provide the functional benefits of improving driving visibility, but they also provide aesthetic benefits for your 4x4 by giving it style and personality. Additionally, off-road lighting can be installed from the comfort of your home garage or driveway.  

Best Lighting Options for Your Next Adventure

If you’re looking to venture out into the wilderness, the TERRA PRO off-road series from TYPE S will be more than adequate to light up your next adventure. TERRA PRO is a great option for those looking for quality, do-it-yourself LED lighting that won’t break the bank. The durability, brightness, and color temperature gives industry leaders a run for their money. 

For example, consider the TERRA PRO 14” Light Bar with 12V Wireless Controller. This ultra-bright, single-row LED light bar projects up to 6,000 raw lumens and is wirelessly controlled with a plug & play 12V switch that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket inside the vehicle. There is no need to run wires through the firewall because the waterproof light bar syncs with the LED-illuminated wireless Bluetooth switch. And if that wasn’t cool enough, the wireless switch has a built-in fast-charge 2.4A USB port to keep your mobile devices charged on-the-go. Talk about innovation! 

At the moment, there are over a half-dozen TERRA PRO off-road lighting products available from TYPE S, an innovative industry leader in aftermarket LED technology. Whether you’re looking for round or square pods, flushmount lighting, or ultra-bright light bars, TERRA PRO will bring light to your next adventure. Learn more about TERRA PRO at, or at select AutoZone locations.