Under the bright lights of World Wide Technology Raceway, the TYPE S-illuminated Formula DRIFT Pro field battled through a humid 95-degree day into a late night to determine who would stand on the top step of the podium. Although unable to place in the top three, both Vaughn Gittin Jr. (4th place) and Chelsea DeNofa (12th) grabbed some crucial championship points that puts DeNofa in 2nd overall, 14 points off of fierce competitor, Matt Field.

An increasingly tricky course provided a challenge that many drivers, including Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chelsea DeNofa, would succumb to along the way. DeNofa ended up making contact with Michael Essa in the Great 8 resulting in a loss. Vaughn would earn his way into the Final 4, only to dive too deep into a corner, resulting in damage to the rear of his car. Vaughn called a 5-minute time out but was not able to get the damage repaired.

"World Wide Technology Raceway offers a unique experience and its own challenges for the competitors and teams which really sets it apart in the series. With the round being combined with ProSpec, we were really able to show off the TYPE S lights to another crowd,” said Jared Chavez, Sponsorship Marketing and Events Manager, Horizon Brands, LLC (TYPE S).

"What a weekend! We sure had everything it took to earn the win but unfortunately my control arm succumbed to the abuse of the abrupt transition to the bank and decided to give up on initiation during my Final 4 battle. These are the types of unforeseen problems that push us to progress even further. It was awesome to see all the amazing fans and I had a ton of fun behind the wheel, see everyone in Long Beach!,” mentioned Vaughn Gittin Jr,, TYPE S fun-having ambassador and RTR Motorsports Pro Formula DRIFT driver.

The next round of the Formula DRIFT Championship takes place in Long Beach, CA, on September 17/18.

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