Auto Safety 101: Top 5 Products to Purchase for Your Vehicle


Piling into your friend’s car or family van and going on a long road trip is particularly tempting, especially during the spring and summer seasons. However, no matter how much you want to embark on that spontaneous adventure, it’s always better to fully prepare for your road trip. This is true, especially if you’re crossing state lines and going over to unknown territory.

Aside from preparing the essentials for you and your companions, make sure your car is also prepared for the long road ahead. Road trips are fun and cathartic, and the last thing you want is to ruin the experience by getting stranded in the middle of nowhere or becoming the victim of theft. Before you go on that epic adventure, here are some of the best products for your car that guarantee a safe trip for everyone.


Install a Backup Camera For Added Safety

People think dash cams provide all the safety they need for the journey. Although these cams are great on their own, having a backup camera is a must, especially for long road trips. Type S Wireless & Solar Powered HD Backup Cameras make use of solar power so you can install them outside the car, giving you added visibility while driving. Mount it on your rear-end license plate to take advantage of its Virtual Parking Assistant feature to make driving in reverse or parking your vehicle easier.


GPS Tracking System For Easier Navigation

A GPS is important, especially if you’re going through roads that are unfamiliar to you. The GPS can guide you to your destination and give you the quickest routes so you can save on fuel consumption. GPS maps will also point you to the nearest gas stations and diners. If you don’t have one built-in, worry not because you can always use your mobile phone as your GPS.


Get 24 Hour Surveillance With a Dash Cam

You never know what to expect if you’re in unfamiliar territory. Because you run the risk of getting stranded without your car, you need to secure your car and make sure nothing happens to it. Installing a Dash Cam with 24-hour surveillance will reassure you that your car will be there where you parked it the night before.

Type S Dash Cams are equipped with a Park & Record mode. The cam uses motion sensor technology to record and save video every time it detects movement. So it doesn’t matter if you leave your car at an unfamiliar motel parking lot. You can keep tabs on it using your mobile phone.


Tire Inflation and Repair Kits For Unexpected Flats

You need a spare tire and the necessary tools to change tires if you are planning on long road trips. You never know where the next gas station or vehicle service station might be, so it’s better to have a spare tire so you can change your tires easily if you get a flat while driving. Alternatively, you can also get a tire inflator kit, which automatically pumps air into your tire, and some sealant, which you can use to plug holes.


Never Run Out of Power With a Portable Jump Starter & Power Bank

One of the worst things you can experience on the road is a stalled engine. If you’re in the middle of nowhere and you get stranded because your engine stalls, you may not know who to call or where to get help. Type S has a lineup of portable jump starters to fit all engine types and gas tank capacities.

The jump starter comes with a LED flashlight so you can jump-start your vehicle even during the nighttime. It also has a power bank function so you can charge devices like your mobile phone in case of emergencies. 

Acquiring safety gadgets for your vehicle will decrease the likelihood of trouble during your road trip. While unexpected problems do arise even when you’re fully prepared, having these gadgets on hand will prevent mishaps from completely derailing your plans for a fun and exciting drive.