App-Controlled 120" Exterior Smart Truck Bed Kit


Type S 120" Exterior Smart Truck Bed Kit lighting can be a great multi-color accent light or super bright utility light. Built into the existing Type S™ LED App, Smart Off-Road controls allow for maximum personalization from functional to decorative use. Choose from 4 Modes; Spot Light, Color Light, Spot & Color Light, and Strobe. Great for cars, boats, trucks, SUV's, and RV's.

    1. Waterproof smart hub and 120" Exterior Smart Truck Bed Kit for exterior use
    2. Easy to Install
    3. Connect and control up to four separate zones (kits)
    4. Personalize and save presets
  • iPhone 4S & higher, iPad 3, iPad Mini, iPad Air & higher, and iPod touch 5th Generation & higher. Requires iOS 7.0 or higher
    Android™ 4.3 or higher. Note not all Android™ phones are equipped with Bluetooth® v4.0 required for this application
    Working voltage DC 12V Only
    Bluetooth distance 30ft (no obstacle)
    Frequency band 2.4 GHz
    Watt 16W
    90 x White LED
    90 x Multi-Color LED
    Weatherproof Light IP44 Rated
    Maximum amperage draw 1.A
    1. 1 x Waterproof Hub Controller with easy battery connector
    2. 2 x 60" Weatherproof Smart Truck Bed LED
    3. Type S LED App

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