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TYPE S 72" Exterior Smart Lighting Kit



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If you’ve ever seen anybody drive by on the street sporting underbody LED car lights, you may have started thinking about installing some on your vehicle as well. However, you just might be wondering what the best exterior 72" smart lighting kit for cars and automobiles is and how to install one on your own. But don’t worry. Both the concept and the installation process are fairly straightforward. All you have to do is secure the LED strips on the outer edges underneath your vehicle and then extend the wires up to your engine bay.

How Do You Install an Exterior Smart Lighting Kit?

Need more specifics to answer to the question "How do you install an exterior smart lighting kit?" Prior to proceeding with the first step, use a rag to gently remove any mud or dirt. Otherwise, the LED strips could get dirty. Now, you can dive into the real task.

Using a hydraulic jack is a good idea. If you don't have one, however, that's okay. You can still continue on with your installation without it. Your kit will come complete with two 36-inch LED strips plus a 60-inch extension cable. Matching the arrows that bear indications for correct installation, put the strip under your vehicle. If they're connected incorrectly, it could cause your lights to malfunction.

Then, extending your wires, tap your red wire to your battery's positive (+) clamp and the black one to your negative (-) clamp. Put your kit's module box close to your battery while keeping it away from your car's engine to avoid any risk of damage.

Finally, test your lights to ensure everything is working properly, and enjoy! Following the connection of the hub to your car battery, you'll see your LED power indicator flashing blue. If it doesn't, then try rechecking your power connections.

How Do I Connect Type S LED Lights to My Phone?

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android systems, including tablets and phones. Asking yourself, "How do I connect Type S LED Lights to my phone?" All you have to do is use the free Type S LED app by searching via Google Play or the App Store or scan the QR code in the user manual that comes with the kit. Following installation, just open the app and start using it.

Best Exterior 72" Smart Lighting Kit for Cars & Automobiles

Our choice for the best exterior 72" smart lighting kit for cars and automobiles is the Type S App-Controlled 72" Exterior Smart Lighting Kit, which delivers a wealth of advanced technology. Its many options and convenience features make it an excellent choice for all vehicles from cars to SUVs, trucks, RVs, and even motorcycles. Enjoy the following:

  • Customization of up to four different LED lighting zones
  • 49 colors
  • 23 unique modes
  • Dimmer control
  • Speed effect control

So, if you're looking for amazing light effects for your vehicle, try the Type S App-Controlled 72" Exterior Smart Lighting Kit.


TYPE S App-Controlled Smart LED Kits allow you to customize and control exterior vehicle lighting with the tap of your finger. With 49 color options, 10 presets, and multiple mode settings, you have complete control and flexibility to designate a specific lighting experience for a specific zone. Power the 72" kit (2 x 36" strips) with the included the 12V power adapter, or 12V hardwire cable to the battery. Simply install, download the free TYPE S LED App and drive away in style you can control.

Working Voltage:DC 12V Only
Bluetooth Distance:30ft (no obstacle)
Frequency Band:2.4GHZ
Types of LED:5050 SMD RGB
Maximum LED:20ft (total combined)
Maximum Amperage Draw:3A
LED Length:72in (2 x 36in)


    • 2 x 36" Multi-Color HyperBright™ LED Strips with Audio Sensor & Weatherproof Smart Hub
    • 12V Hardwire Cable
    • 60" Extension Cable


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