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Complete Surveillance

TYPE S 360° HD Dash Cam with Live Stream




Share content on social media with the TYPE S Drive App, or live stream to Facebook or YouTube when connected to WiFi or mobile hotspot


Pan, zoom, and share unique 360° angles inside and outside the vehicle with 360° VR through the TYPE S Drive app.


Once upon a time, having a dashboard camera in your vehicle was like a novelty toy. However, these products are "must-haves" for many drivers and vehicle owners today. Dash cams can be an excellent addition to any car or truck, and especially for commercial truck drivers. For instance, the Type S 360 Dash Cam With Live Steaming records the road and inside the vehicle.

Can You Live Stream a Dash Cam?

If you're wondering, "can you live stream a dash cam?", the answer is absolutely. As a matter of fact, the TYPE S 360 Dash Cam is designed specifically for live streaming. Not only does it stream, but it also makes excellent quality videos in 360-degree viewing. Featuring both interior and exterior lighting, it records videos both inside and outside of the vehicle simultaneously as well as streaming in real time. It is a great attachment for those on the go who may need to capture an image or stream anything along the highway.

What Is the Best Dash Cam 2021?

So, what is the best dash cam in 2021? The TYPE S 360 Dash Cam is right in the discussion when it comes to new videoing products for 2021. It is engineered with all drivers in mind in any range of vehicle sizes. Many users find the best part of the TYPE S 360 is its security features. It can be used as a streaming video device while you are away from the vehicle. This can be helpful if anyone attempts to break in or damage your vehicle.

Type S 360 Dash Cam HD Recording Records the Road and Inside the Vehicle

Versatility is easily the greatest advantage of this unique camera. The Type S 360 Dash Cam HD Recording records the road and inside the vehicle, making it top on the list for 2021 dash cams. It also features seven unique recording and viewing modes, which adds significantly to its usability. The dash cam locks video immediately in the event of an accident or a break-in and saves the images for insurance companies or the police. The TYPE S 360 Dash Cam also features a slot for an SD memory card.


Designed for the everyday driver and rideshare operators, the 360° Dash Cam takes on-road documentation and sharing to another level. Record the road and inside the vehicle at the same time. Capture and share the journey like never before with 7 unique viewing modes and the TYPE S Drive App. Live stream in HD to Facebook or YouTube when the 360° Dash Cam is connected to WiFi or a mobile hotspot. G-Sensor technology locks and stores video files during a driving incident or break-in event.

Screen :2.4” IPS
Resolution :1080P Full HD
Frequency :2.4GHz
Operating Voltage :Hardwire – DC 12V only
CLA – DC 12V / DC 5V (USB-A)
Operating Temperature :14°F up to +140°F
(-10°C up to +60°C)
Viewing Angle :210° Field of view in Fisheye mode
Image Sensor :5MP
Max Signal Strength9.84 Feet / 3 Meters


    • 1 x 360° Dash Cam
    • 1 x 12V Hardwire Cable
    • 1 x 12V Cigarette Charger Cable
    • 1 x Mount with 3M™ VHB Double-sided Tape
    • 2 x Cable Ties
    • 2 x Snap Locks
    • 1 x 3M™ VHB Double-sided Tape (Spare)
    • 1 x 16GB MicroSD Card (Class 10) maximum support 128GB Micro SD



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