8000mAh Jump Starter and Portable Power Bank with Qi Wireless Charging


Feel at ease traveling on the road or anywhere on-the-go with your new travel companion. This 12V car jump starter power bank offers a battery boost for your vehicle, smartphone, laptop, and Qi-enabled device. It even has a LED Flashlight, Strobe Light, and Hazard Light just in case.
This is the most versatile jump starter power bank ever offered by TYPE S to help keep all your portable electronics charged at any time. One device to charge all your devices. Doesn’t get any better than that.

  • Suitable for most 12V Vehicles
    350A peak current allows you to jump start most 12V car, truck, boat, or motorcycle

    Wireless Charging
    Qi-certified and conveniently charges your Qi-enabled devices

    3 LED lighting Options
    Flashlight, Strobe light, and Hazard light for normal or emergency situations

    USB Type-C and 2.4A Ports
    Portable power supply for smartphones, laptops, game console and electronic devices

  • Capacity Up to 8000 mAh (3.7V)
    Watt Hours 29.6 Wh
    Internal Battery Lithium-Ion
    Input Voltage 5V 2A (micro USB)
    Qi/Wireless Charging Rating 5W
    USB-A Output Voltage 5V 2.4A
    USB-C Output Voltage 9V 2A / 5V 2.6A
    Jump Start Current 200A - 350A
    Operating Temperature -4°F up to +93°F (-20°C up to +34°C)
    Storage Temperature -4°F up to +104°F (-20°C up to +40°C)
    Charging Time 4-5 hours (Full Charge)
    Product Dimensions 6.61 x 3.03 x 1.06 in. (168 x 77 x 27 mm)
    Product Weight 0.80 lb (364 g)
    UL certified for use in the US
    Wireless charging pad is Qi-certified for safe charging with other Qi-certified products
    Package Includes:
    - 12V Jump Starter Power Bank w/Wireless Charging Pad
    - Storage Case
    - USB Cable
    - USB Car Adapter
    - Jumper Cable with Smart & Safe Protection
    - Quick Installation Guide
    - Instruction Manual
  • Our product has been certified to work safely with other Qi-certified devices. We strongly discourage any charging of our device with non-Qi-certified devices to avoid risk of injury to yourself and your device.

    There are many wireless chargers in the market, many of those not tested for safety and compatibility with the standards outlined by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), a team of industry leaders setting the global standard for compatible wireless charging of low and medium power devices. Wirelessly charging a product not compatible with another wireless charging device is a serious fire and/or safety risk to the persons and/or devices charged due to incompatibility between the power receiver and power transmitter.

    Qi (pronounced “chee”) certification on a product is a seal of approval by the WPC showing a product meets the rigorous safety, reliability, and interoperability standards to charge other Qi-certified products for wireless charging. In simpler terms, all Qi-certified devices are compatible with other Qi-certified devices.

    Products with true Qi-certification will either have the official Qi logo or be marked with “Qi-certified.” Statements such as “Qi compliant,” “Qi compatible,” and “works with Qi” are typically not Qi-certified products and should not be used for your safety and to avoid possible damage to your devices.

    To verify if a product has Qi certification, you can check the WPC site and search based on the brand name, model number, or Qi-ID number at: https://www.wirelesspowerconsortium.com/certified/search.html.

    Figure 1 Official Qi logo by the Wireless Power Consortium*

    For additional questions or concerns about Qi certification, Type S products, or wireless charging compatibility, please contact the Type S customer support team at: info@typesauto.com or (866) 294-9244.

    *The ‘Qi’ logo is a trademark of the Wireless Power Consortium.

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