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Universal Mounting Kit

TYPE S TERRA PRO 14" Light Bar with Wireless Controller




Wireless backlit switch with integrated fast-charge USB port controls the light bar; no drilling into firewall to run cables


Powerful single-row led design. LEDs reflect 6000 raw lumens*


Wireless connection. Connect up to 4 light bars (optional)


Durable diecast housing. Fully sealed and submersible waterproof design (IP67)


If you need extra light to take on the trail in your off-road vehicle, you shouldn't have to go through a complicated installation process to gain that extra light. For a bright light that offers simple installation, the TERRA PRO 14" light bar with wireless controller is what you've been looking for. This incredible light bar is powered directly from your vehicle's battery and has a wireless on/off switch so that you can complete the entire installation without drilling any holes. Add to that the unit's waterproof and adjustable capabilities, and you end up with a light bar that's perfect for any off-road enthusiast.

TERRA PRO 14'' Light Bar With Universal Mounting Kit & Wireless Controller

The TERRA PRO 14" light bar with universal mounting kit and wireless controller is easy to install anywhere on your vehicle. On top of that, you can connect up to four units together, meaning that you can add a total of 24,000 lumens to your vehicle with very little work. The heart of the system is the wireless controller. All you have to do is flip the lighted switch up or down to control your light. Instantly, any light bars that you have installed will illuminate whatever is in front of you.

Single-Row LED Design

Another unique feature of the TERRA PRO 14" light bar is that it has a single-row LED design. This makes the overall profile of the light smaller so that it's easier to fit on grilles or roof racks without any extra installation hardware. Although this is a smaller light bar, it still packs a powerful punch, with each unit boasting an impressive 6,000 lumens of brightness. For all of its brightness, the TERRO PRO 14" light bar only draws 36 watts, meaning that you'll have plenty of power left over for other accessories.

Ultra-Bright Long-Distance Light Bar TERRA PRO

The TERRA PRO 14" light bar features Optical Drive Technology to allow the light to travel further as a focused spot beam. Plus, the custom-made reflectors ensure that every bit of the light created by the LED bulbs is projected onto the surface in front of you, resulting in an ultra-bright long-distance light bar. Therefore, no matter what type of terrain you're traveling on or what type of weather you're traveling in, you can get the light you need from your TERRA PRO 14" light bar.


The TERRA PRO 14" Light Bar with Universal Mounting Kit and Wireless Controller delivers 6000 raw lumens pure brightness. This 36W LED light bar features a protective, die-cast aluminum enclosure and single-row reflective LEDs to light up any adventure.

Working voltage:DC 12V Only
Transmission distance:30 ft (9.14 m) (no obstacle)
Frequency band:2.4 GHz
LEDs:12 × Super White LED
Raw Lumens:6000
Effective Lumens:2500
USB Output:5V 2.4A
Weatherproof Light:IP67 Rated (Light bar only)
Maximum amperage draw:3A
Replacement Fuse:5A
Weight:1.4 lb / 0.63 kg


    • 1 x 14" Light Bar
    • Hub Controller with easy battery connecto
    • Switch Controller
    • Allen Key
    • Zip Tie
    • 4 x Set of M6 Screw with Nut, Spring Washer and Flat Washer
    • 3M™ Double-sided Tape for Hub Controller


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