Road Trip Essentials - 5 Must Haves on the Road


Few things are more American than a good, old-fashioned road trip.  When you are preparing for your adventure, there are some road trip essentials you should not leave behind.

Elevate your next trip with the five pieces below. 

1. Dash Cams

If you want to show your friends footage from your trip or post proof of bigfoot to an online platform, having a dashcam makes a great deal of sense. 

The TYPE S 360-degree Smart HD Dash Cam is perfect for road trips. Not only does this camera give you a full view all around your vehicle, but it also records real-time footage inside your passenger cabin. Even better, with this high-definition camera, you can easily broadcast a live feed to your social media followers.

If you have some concerns about vehicle security when you are in unfamiliar places, the TYPE S 360-degree Smart HD Dash Cam's 24-hour vehicle surveillance is sure to put your mind at ease. 

2. Jump Starters

Your road trip may take you through populated cities, small towns and vast stretches of farmland or desert. Having a portable jump starter may keep your fun road trip from turning into a nightmare. 

You do not have to spend a fortune for a reliable and easy-to-use jump starter. In fact, the TYPE S 12V 6.0L Jump Starter with Qi Wireless Power Bank costs less than $100. Despite its low price, this jump starter has a high-power battery with an informative LCD display. Even if you have never used a jump starter before, this device's step-by-step instructions help you start your vehicle without injuring yourself or damaging your car. 

When you need to charge your smartphone or another electronic device, the TYPE S 12 V 6.0L Jump Starter allows you to do so wirelessly from virtually anywhere.

3. Best Car Lighting

If you are wondering what to bring on a road trip, you may not realize how changing your car lighting scheme can make it stand out on the street and shine in photos and videos. 

For professional-grade LED under glow, you cannot go wrong with the TYPE S Formula DRIFT Pro Series Smart LED Exterior Lighting Kit. This kit comes with durable, weather-resistant, double-stacked LED strips that will illuminate your ride and the road.

The kit's linked app lets you control the color and frequency of your lights wirelessly with little effort. You can also use the app to further customize your exterior lighting schemeWhen using any aftermarket vehicle lighting, make sure you are familiar with state and local laws before use while driving!

4. Comfortable Seating

Even if your vehicle has high-end seats, riding for long hours at a time may give you a back or neck ache. Comfortable seating is one of the road trip essentials you are sure to appreciate the most. 

The TYPE S Ergo Contour Gel Seat Cushion fits securely over the top of your stiff and uncomfortable front seat. This cushion's gel insert helps to reduce and in some cases, prevent back pain altogether. It also improves your posture, helping you to cover more miles without experiencing muscular fatigue. 

You do not have to worry about the TYPE S Ergo Contour Gel Seat Cushion destroying the look of your car's interior, as the cushion features a modern and sleek look. 

5. Car Cooler

When you are on the road, you may grow tired of fast food. With a car 12V electric cooler/freezer, you have the flexibility to take healthier perishable items along with you. 

No other portable cooler has more features than the TYPE S BLIZZARD BOX 41QT/38L Portable Electric Cooler with USB Charging at such a reasonable price point. With this portable refrigerator and freezer, you never have to mess with ice or drainage. Instead, you select a temperature as low as 0-degrees to keep food and drinks as cool as you want. 

Now that you know what to bring on a road trip, you are ready to outfit your car for your long-haul adventure. Shop TYPE S for what you need for the trip of a lifetime and remember to send up some pictures or videos.