Benefits of Seat Covers & Why They're Important


Whether you drive a stock vehicle or a suped-up machine, you have a lot of time, money and effort invested in your car, truck or SUV. Keeping your vehicle's interior clean and fresh not only helps you to preserve its value, but it also boosts your enjoyment every time you climb behind the steering wheel.

Why are car seat covers important?

The simple answer is they protect the upholstery inside your vehicle from unsightly and smelly stains. Seat covers are also vital for safeguarding your vehicle's interior from rips, tears and other damage. Nevertheless, there are some important benefits of seat covers you may have not yet considered. 

Car Seat Cover Benefits

For years, seat covers had a bad reputation for being shifty and sloppy looking. Those days are gone, fortunately. Nowadays, you can find seat covers that either complement your vehicle's interior or improve it. 

The most significant benefit of seat covers is the protection they offer from spills. Without aftermarket seat covers, your vehicle's interior is at the mercy of fate. That is, if you spill your coffee or drop crumbs, the appearance of your seat depends on where the spill lands. 

You may not realize, though, that seat covers have another invaluable benefit. Specifically, you can install seat covers that improve your comfort. If your stock seats do not offer much in the way of lumbar support, pick a seat cover or cushion that reduces back fatigue. If your body temperature runs hot, opt for a seat cover that includes cooling technology. 

Types of Seat Covers

There is no such thing as a garden-variety seat cover, as seat covers come in a couple of different styles. Now that you know when to use car seat cover on your vehicle, you want to pick the right style for your car, truck or SUV. 

The most common type of seat cover is the universal seat cover. This style of seat cover is designed to fit a wide variety of vehicles. After unpacking your set of universal seat covers, you use the installation guide to form each cover to your vehicle's seats. 

Universal seat covers offer protection for your seats while reducing the depreciation that comes with stains and damage. When you are ready to clean your set of universal seat covers, you can easily slip them off and reinstall them after laundering. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's cleaning recommendations, though. 

The other type of seat cover is the custom seat cover. If you pick custom seat covers, you know your seat covers are made to fit your vehicle's make, model and production year. These covers often come with separate headrest covers that allow you to achieve a custom fit. 

Like with universal seat covers, custom covers are easy to install and remove for cleaning. These covers offer excellent protection against spills, smells and rips. They also blend seamlessly into your vehicle's existing interior. 

Choosing the Best Seat Covers for You 

Whether you should invest in universal or custom seat covers is up to you. You cannot go wrong either way, as both universal and custom seat covers improve the look of your vehicle while helping you to maintain its value. Still, you do not want to end up with the wrong seat covers for your car, truck or SUV. 

First, you should decide what type of fabric you want your seat covers to have. Really, the sky is the limit in this regard, as seat covers come in polyester, vinyl, faux leather, neoprene and many other materials. The trick is either to match your vehicle's existing upholstery or to find an attractive and comfortable contrast. 

Next, you should think about your budget. While it is certainly possible to spend a small fortune on seat covers for your vehicle, you do not have to break the bank to get a set you love. For example, even though the TYPE S Seat Covers Set Built With Kevlar has an affordable price tag, it features tough protection and elegant styling. 

While seat covers with Kevlar are likely to make your vehicle feel like a high-performance machine, you have other options. The TYPE S Wetsuit Seat Cover Set With Comfort Gel and DRI LOCK offers ultimate protection against liquid spills while giving your back some added comfort. These seat covers also feature a modern and sleek design, making them perfect for sports cars and family sedans alike. 

If you travel with a wet dog or dirty gear, protecting your backseat should be a priority. The TYPE S Wetsuit Rear Seat Protector With DRI LOCK prevents moisture and grime from working their way into your upholstery. This backseat protector installs quickly and easily, removing any worry you have about transporting dirty objects. Cleaning this TYPE S rear seat protector is also a breeze. 


Now that you are familiar with the many benefits and features of seat covers, you are ready to choose the best seat cover for your driving style and to protect the investments you have made in your vehicle.