How To Best Protect Your RV? DIY RV Upgrades You Can Do in Minutes


Whether you have a state-of-the-art fifth wheel, a vintage road warrior, or an RV, you undoubtedly have a fortune invested in it. Of course, it is virtually impossible to put a price tag on the fun you have in your favorite travel vehicle. To safeguard your investment, you must protect your RV from collisions, theft, and vandalism. Here are a few ways you can best protect your RV when you are inside or far away. 

Make It Look Like Someone Is Home

If you are wondering how to secure your RV when parked, a good strategy is to make it look like someone is home. After all, if someone with bad intentions believes you are around, they are significantly less likely to try to break-in or steal your belongings. Installing RV lighting is a practical first step.

The popular TYPE S Formula DRIFT Pro Series Smart LED Exterior Lighting Kit allows you to illuminate essentially any area outside your RV. This easy-to-install kit gives your RV a cool under glow, which you control with an integrated app on your smartphone. If the lights are on, a thief is likely to assume someone is nearby.

You can also add some ambient lighting to the interior of your vehicle, making it appear like you and your travel companions are inside your parked RV. With the TYPE S HyperBright App-Controlled Smart LED Lighting Kit, you set your interior lighting scheme's color, brightness, and frequency. Not only does this interior lighting kit protect your vacant RV, but it helps you set the right vibe for all your adventures. 

Install Dash Cams for Security

While the interior and exterior lighting upgrades go a long way to protecting your parked RV, the best security systems for RVs provide footage of security-related threats. These may include vandalism, theft, auto fraud, or accidents. With aftermarket dash cams, you record the areas inside and outside your RV.

Arguably, the best camera for RV enthusiasts is the TYPE S 360-Degree Smart HD Dash Cam With Live Stream. This camera captures virtually all angles outside your RV, giving you video evidence if anything should happen. Naturally, with this footage, you may be able to pursue financial compensation from anyone who causes damage to your vehicle.

The live stream of the TYPE S 360-Degree Smart HD Dash Cam is also a ton of fun, as it lets you show your relatives and friends footage of your travels. When you are away from your RV, the 24/7 video surveillance this camera offers alerts you to theft and vandalism attempts, permitting you to take action to protect your RV and its contents. 

Increase Safety With Backup Cameras

Even if you have excellent backing skills or possess a commercial driver's license, reversing your RV out of tight spaces can be challenging. Gone are the days when you had to rely on your mirrors or a passenger to help you back into and out of parking spaces. With backup cameras, you see real-time footage of the area behind your RV on an easy-to-see video screen.

If your RV does not have a factory-installed backup camera, some excellent ones are on the market today. For a camera with all the bells and whistles, check out the TYPE S HD Backup Camera With 5-Inch Monitor. Along with giving you a video of the space behind your RV, this camera has reverse assistance that instantly alerts you to any objects you may hit.

Fortunately, securing your RV when it is both parked and in motion has never been more accessible or affordable. Ultimately, when you shop TYPE S for all your RV lighting and camera needs, you achieve peace of mind whether you are inside your RV or somewhere else.