Top 5 Reasons To Get a Dash Camera


If you do not drive one of the few vehicles that come with a standard dash cam, such as the Tesla Model 3, you may be weighing the pros and cons of installing an aftermarket one in your vehicle. Fortunately, as technology advances, the benefits of installing a dash cam for a car far outweigh the few drawbacks. Here are the top five reasons you should integrate a dash camera into every vehicle you drive. 

1. Evidence of Car Accidents

Despite significant advancements in vehicle safety in recent years, car accidents remain a leading cause of injury, death, and property damage. Often, if you can prove someone else's terrible driving caused the accident, you may be eligible for substantial financial compensation. Dash cams give you the evidence you need, as they record real-time footage of collisions and other accidents. 

The highly-rated and affordable TYPE S 360-Degree 1080p HD Dash Cam gives you footage of all angles outside your vehicle. If another driver collides with any part of your car, you can show investigators exactly how the crash unfolded. Furthermore, because of its sleek and modern design, this camera does not detract from the overall styling of your car's interior. 

2. Insurance Purposes

Many insurance companies provide incentives to safe drivers, while others offer cash-back rebates to those who have accident-free driving records. Whether you are looking to lower your monthly premiums or participate in a safe driver program, installing a dash cam makes a great deal of financial sense. 

Check with your automotive insurance agency for eligibility for discounts or rebates when you use a dash cam.  The TYPE S 4K USD Dash Cam offers motion-based recording, meaning it captures relevant footage even when your vehicle is turned off and parked. . Additionally, the 4K quality ensures you can identify even small details. 

3. 24/7 Surveillance on Your Car

While dash cams are popular with drivers who want to capture footage behind the wheel, quality dash cams go even further. The best dash cam for car owners allows drivers to see images of their vehicles 24 hours per day, seven days a week. 

With a 24/7 camera, you keep close tabs on your car even when you are not in it. Using an integrated app on your smartphone, you instantly know whether your vehicle is in danger from inclement weather, falling debris, or even a driver who parks too closely. Even better, seeing your 24/7 dash camera may discourage a thief from trying to take your personal belongings. 

4. Prevent Auto Fraud

Auto fraud is rampant nowadays, with unscrupulous individuals staging accidents to collect insurance settlements. Others steal license plates to avoid vehicle registration fees or someone trying to steal components from your vehicle. Either way, as a vehicle owner, you must protect yourself from auto fraud. 

Your TYPE S dash cam is a strong deterrent, prompting them to leave you and your vehicle alone after spotting it. If someone does try to make you or your vehicle the victim of auto fraud, your dash camera footage is likely to be invaluable to the police and your insurer.

5. Entertainment Purposes

Even though many reasons to install a dash cam involve protecting yourself and your vehicle, there is a lighthearted reason to get one: good, old-fashioned fun. That is, your dash camera allows you to record yourself, your family members, and your friends on epic road trips. 

The TYPE S 360-Degree Smart HD Dash Cam With Live Stream records the interior and exterior of your vehicle. This camera's live streaming abilities allow you to show off your adventures in real-time. You also can save recorded footage to add to your video scrapbook. 

While these are the top five reasons to get a dash camera for your car, you may have other reasons for upgrading your vehicle. Ultimately, because of the many features of all TYPE S dash cameras, you are sure to love the one you choose.