How to Monitor Your Parked Car: Vehicle Surveillance 101


Decades ago, vehicle surveillance was a luxury reserved for those who could afford it. As vehicle thieves and vandals become more devious and resourceful, car safety has become the utmost priority for any vehicle owner. Until recently, vehicle surveillance technology has been mainly reactive - you are only made aware of criminal activities after the fact. The footage only serves as evidence of a crime that has already taken place.

With the introduction of newer products like the Type S Dash Cam, car owners are now able to monitor their vehicles from their mobile phones and now have the power to respond preemptively to any security threat to their vehicles.

Monitor Your Vehicles From Anywhere

When dash cams were first introduced, their main purpose was to record footage while a vehicle was in transit. Older dash cams could not record footage 24/7, nor did they allow owners to stream dash cam footage in real-time from another device, such as laptops or mobile phones.

Type S recognized this left vehicle owners vulnerable to thieves and vandals. While you can guarantee your vehicle’s safety when it is parked inside your garage, you cannot say the same for when you leave your car parked at your workplace or running errands. 

Enter Type S and their lineup of Dash Cams. Designed for easy installation and connectivity to our Type S Drive App. You will be able to mount your Dash Cam quickly and effortlessly without having to hire a professional installation service. Connect the Type S Drive App from your mobile device to your Dash Cam takes seconds. The Dash Cam is also equipped with 360° HD Recording, meaning it shows footage from all angles, leaving no blind spots.

Review Recorded Accident Footage 

Most vehicle owners install a dash cam to record footage while they are driving to capture any incidents such as an accident, prevent fraud, or efficiently prevent parking accidents. Most vehicular accidents occur in a matter of seconds, and it’s not uncommon to see both parties giving different accounts of the incident.

Type S live streaming dash cams come with a 16GB memory capacity, so you can leave your dash cam on while driving without worrying about running out of memory space. Dash cam footage can serve as irrefutable proof if you are blamed for the accident and can protect you from subsequent lawsuits. Also, with the dash cam’s 24/7 surveillance feature, your dash cam footage can be used as valuable evidence for accidents or crimes in your immediate vicinity.

Ultimate Safety With Motion Sensor Technology

As car thieves employ more advanced ways of stealing vehicles, vehicle owners should also employ any means possible to ensure the safety of their vehicles. Thieves can get into locked vehicles and even disable alarms, but thankfully there’s advanced vehicle security technology available to motorists to combat this problem.

Type S Dash Cams come with motion sensor technology allowing uninterrupted around-the-clock protection. When you set your cam to Park & Record mode, the dash cam uses G-sensor technology, which detects movement, acceleration, elevation, and direction changes. With this technology, your dash cam will record video automatically 10 seconds before and after it detects movement. This allows you to capture on video any suspicious individuals who might be scouting your vehicle.

Type S HD dash cameras provide vehicle owners with the security and peace of mind they deserve, whether driving the car or leaving it unattended for a few hours. Whether you are the owner of a private vehicle or the manager of a commercial fleet, your vehicles are valuable assets that must be protected at all costs.