Tailgating 101: Best Car Gadgets for the Ultimate Pre-Game


Top Car Cooler

No tailgating is complete without excellent food and drink. You must have a top-quality car cooler to keep beverages chilled and food fresh. Whether you are serving hot dogs and beer or cooking more gourmet fare, you will need a cooler that keeps everything fresh, even leftovers. 

Some car coolers could do double duty and keep food warm, too. So, you will be everyone's favorite tailgater when folks arrive an hour later and still can get a bowl of piping hot chili. You will discover a wide variety of car coolers in terms of cost and functionality. The best cooler for tailgating, according to online reviews, is the TYPE S Blizzard Box Electric Cooler.

Proper Seating

There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable when at a sporting event. And when it comes to tailgating, serious fans want to have proper and comfortable seating to enjoy their experience. TYPE S Infused Gel Lumbar Cushion is not only great for comfort in your car, but it can be used for extra support when hanging out tailgating and sitting on uncomfortable seats inside a sports game. The cushion’s memory foam contours to your body to protect the health of your back and reduce discomfort. If the weather forecast shows you’re in for a scorcher, the TYPE S Arctic Flow cushions reduce pressure while providing increased air ventilation for a cool, relaxing experience. 

Good Music for Tailgates

Whether you are hanging out before a concert or getting ready to cheer on your favorite football team, there is nothing that could make your party in the parking lot like good music. 

Besides delicious food and excellent company, a successful tailgating party is contingent on the mood you create with sound.

The key to attracting tailgaters into your spot is to provide a lively mix of a vast range of music genres. Pick songs with the young crowd in mind and those who are the mature members of the group. Throwing in some classics could get the party going until show or game time. You should include a couple of local tunes to create a supreme tailgate mix.

Dash Cams

The best dash cams give you security and protection for your vehicle. A dashboard camera is genuinely like having close circuit television in your vehicle. Dash cams come in a vast assortment of prices and types, including safety features that go beyond just capturing video and audio. You could have a dash camera professionally installed with hidden wiring or pick a dash camera you can put in yourself and interchange it between cars. A dash cam is excellent in recording and protecting your car while at a tailgate or sporting event.

Sporting events bring large crowds together which is a huge opportunity for theft, especially if there is minimal security in the lots throughout the day. The worst thing that could happen while you are enjoying yourself at a sporting event is to come back to a broken in vehicle and your belongings have been stolen. Having an excellent dash cam like the TYPE S 360 Dash Cam can provide video evidence of the break-in, or even help you get a description of the thief.

While one may employ a dash camera for security reasons, these valuable tools could also provide enjoyment in everyday living. TYPE S has many dash camera options that will fit any budget. Besides security while tailgating, you can use your dash camera for other things:

Fun Friend and Family Videos: It is all over the web. Couples and families perform songs, children saying some crazy things, all captured by a dash camera. These special moments that so frequently do occur in a car can be commemorated and caught using a dash camera.

Road Trips: It is currently very trendy to use a dash camera to record the scenery on a road trip, and the craziness of the car passengers get up to while going on a long road trip. You can use a simple video editing program to convert your dash camera footage into a lifetime memory of an incredible road trip vacation. 

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