Stylish Solutions for Dad - A Father’s Day Gift Guide


With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to make sure you’ve got your Dad’s perfect gift lined up.  What do you get the guy who taught you (almost) everything you know?  Don’t worry, we can help with that!

For the Dad Who’s Always Prepared

The dad in your life wouldn’t be caught dead looking for a jump start in a parking lot.  He’s too prepared for that kind of nonsense!  We bet he’d still like to be the hero who can quickly and easily help other people out, though.  Our jump starter boxes are perfect for him. All he has to do is follow the directions on the screen (not that he needs them, of course), crank that baby up, and help that nice stranger get on their way.

Even better, this jump starter is basically the Swiss Army knife of car tools!

If he’s still relying on his trusty flip phone, he probably isn’t worried about how much charge his phone has.  If, on the other hand, he’s got a smartphone, well - you’ve probably heard alot about how his old trusty flip phone used to last weeks on a single charge.  The TYPE S 12V 6.0L Battery Jump Starter with Built-in Phone Charging Cables will make you the family favorite at the first sign of a low cell phone battery - they’ve got integrated charging cables for either Apple or Android devices using certified Lightning or USB-C cables, and a super cool wireless charging pad.

You’ll also find an integrated flashlight, so dad will never be on the roadside without one.  If he needs to pull over on the side of the road (who needs assistance for flat tires anyway?  He’s got this handled!), it even has red emergency flashers for extra visibility when he needs it most.  Add this combo gadget to Dad’s trunk-stowed emergency bag and make sure Dad is safe, well-lit, and fully charged.  He’ll be proud you thought about this level of preparedness.

For the Dad with a Long Commute and Long Days in the Office

Dad works hard for the money.  He also has to drive hard for the money.  Consider giving him this two-fer - a TYPE S Shiatsu Plus Air Massage Cushion for the ride to work, and TYPE S Comfort Gel Seat Cushion for the office.  

The TYPE S Shiatsu Plus Air Massage Cushion works great in both the car and the office, but why not take advantage of that long drive for a little extra “me time,” just for Dad. He can make massages part of his daily routine, and get some luxury from the heated and cooled seats for maximum driving relaxation, no matter the time of year.

And since he’s spending all day in the office, make sure to give him some support there, too.  Include our TYPE S Comfort Gel Seat Cushion - 1 Pack seat cushion to make sure he remembers you’re his favorite child.  It provides extra support for his legs and back to improve posture and minimize the pain that can come from sitting at a desk all day.

Even if he works his tail off, he shouldn’t have to feel it at the end of the day.

For the Dad Who’s Always Telling Tales

Does your Dad always seem to have a fish tale?  Maybe Dad saw a UFO last night on the way home from camping with his buddies?  Sure, Dad.

Even if his stories aren’t that crazy, make Dad bring the receipts when he comes to dinner with another wild story.  With the TYPE S 360° Smart 1080p HD Dash Camera’s integrated 360-degree video, you’ll also be able to make fun of his goofy driving faces.  This is really a gift for the whole family.

In all seriousness though, the TYPE S 360° Smart 1080p HD Dash Camera can really come in handy if things take a turn during Dad’s drive.  Integrated G sensors will automatically save any footage recorded before an accident, and can be used to deal with insurance companies for such an event.  He’ll also get peace of mind from the Park & Record surveillance features that will keep an eye on his vehicle, whether or not he’s around.

For the Truck Dad Who’s Cooler than You’ll Ever Be

If your Dad’s always been the Dad with the Cool Truck, this one’s for him.  The TYPE S TERRA PRO 14" Light Bar with 12V Wireless Controller is super simple to install, and offers tons of extra light for offroad and camping adventures.  You know, Truck Dad stuff.  

Plug in the bluetooth controller switch inside the cab, and he can control that light bar with the flip of a switch (no extra wires required).

With its low draw rate (meaning it uses minimal power), small footprint, and a simple, weather proof installation, this one’s a no-brainer for a great dad on Father’s Day.  You still won’t be as cool as him, but he might like you a little more!

If you still aren’t sure what to get your Dad this Father’s Day, or if you have questions about any of the TYPE S products we offer, feel free to get in touch - we’re always happy to help.  Call us at (866) 294-9244, or shoot us an email anytime.