Which Type S Jump Starter is Right for Me?


If you’re in the market for a portable jump starter, it can be overwhelming.  There are lots of choices, tons of different functions, and loads of technical information that can be tough to decipher.  So how do you determine which jump starter is right for you?  Well, let us help…

For New Driver

Sending your kids out into the world is scary, and it’s even scarier when they first get behind the wheel, but knowing that they won’t wind up stranded with a dead battery can help to take some of the stress out of the situation.  For new drivers, or for people who have never dealt with jump starting their own cars and trucks, consider a jump starter with easy to follow, on screen directions.

The TYPE S 12V 6.0L Battery Jump Starter with Qi Wireless Charging, JumpGuide™ and 8,000 mAh Power Bank is the perfect solution with its excellent capacity, compact size, and easy to follow JumpGuideon-screen instructions.

For the Tech Addict

If you can’t imagine living a second without your phone, smart watch, and all your other gadgets, you might want a jump starter that’s ready to keep you and your vehicle charged on the go.  You can use wireless charge on the TYPE S 12V 6.0L Battery Jump Starter with Built-in MFi Certified Lightning Cable & LCD Display and 8,000mAh Qi Power Bank, and still have enough battery power to jump your vehicle if you find yourself in need.  

If you don’t want to worry about carrying around charging cables, no problem.  The power bank offers wireless charging, and even includes an integrated lightning cable for all your Apple devices. Not an Apple fan?  No problem - check out the TYPE S 12V 6.0L Battery Jump Starter with Built-in USB-C Cable & LCD Display and 8,000mAh Qi Power Bank, which includes an integrated USB-C.  All of our jump starters will allow for USB-A connections, as well.

For the Road Warrior

If you spend your work days on the road, making a work truck or rental car your office, don’t leave yourself at the mercy of rental car tech options (or the closest coffee shop) to charge your laptop.

The TYPE S 12V 9.0L ProJump™ Battery Jump Starter with JumpGuide™ and 18,000 mAh Power Bank jump starter will allow you to charge small and large devices - from cell phones to full size laptops, and still jump start your vehicle if things go sideways without having to rely on roadside assistance or the kindness of a stranger (when you’ve got important meetings to get to).

For the Car Guy

Long track days, car meets, and shows can drain your battery with all that stop and go throughout the day.  Don’t find yourself stranded at the end of a long track day.  We know you’re not going to be intimidated by the process, so you can grab a straightforward jump starter like the TYPE S 12V 7.0L Battery Jump Starter with USB C Charging and 10,000 mAh Power Bank.  It’s budget friendly, so you can put more budget towards the fun stuff, and will jump your vehicle multiple times before needing to be recharged.

For the Diesel Truck Owner

Jump starting a diesel truck is no small feat.  If you’ve ever needed to jump start your truck, you may have found your options limited by the amount of power it takes to get the job done.  For trucks up to 6.0L, grab yourself a TYPE S 12V 9.0L ProJump™ Battery Jump Starter with JumpGuide™ and 18,000 mAh Power Bank

If you’re looking for a jump starter for your vehicle, TYPE S has options to suit every driver. If you still can’t decide, or if you have questions about any of the TYPE S products we offer, feel free to get in touch - we’re always happy to help.  Call us at (866) 294-9244, or shoot us an email anytime.