Top 10 Reasons to Invest in a TYPE S Dash Cam: Enhance Your Driving Experience and Protect Yourself on the Road


We think everyone can agree that getting behind the wheel can be both an enjoyable and a challenging experience. From the daily commute to work to taking a memorable road trip, every drive presents unique situations that we try to be as prepared as possible to handle, but an extra set of eyes can’t hurt, right? A TYPE S Dash Cam can be your ultimate driving companion, offering protection and peace of mind in a variety of scenarios. In this blog post, we're going to cover 10 reasons why investing in a TYPE S Dash Cam is a smart choice for any driver. Let's dive into it!

#1. Peace of Mind When Parking on the Street or in Parking Garages

Leaving your car unattended in public spaces can be nerve-wracking, even for those of us who don’t struggle with anxiety to begin with. By installing a TYPE S Dash Ca with enhanced night vision and built-in G-Sensor technology that instantly locks & saves the video when it detects a collision or a break-in event you can confidently park your vehicle knowing that suspicious activity or attempted break-ins will be captured on camera, allowing you to take appropriate action and provide footage to the authorities or your insurance. If you want to be able to monitor both outside AND inside your vehicle we recommend you check out our brand new 4K dash cam that records in 4k outside and 2K inside the cabin simultaneously. 

#2. Monitoring New Drivers or Aging Parents

Everyone knows that it’s a parent’s job to worry about their young and new drivers being out on the road solo and with the steady increase in drivers on that road it makes sense. What people often don’t want to talk about is how to handle a situation with an aging parent but for some of us, a day will come when we need to ask Mom and Dad to hang up the keys. Stay ahead of both situations by giving your loved ones a TYPE S Dash Cam with live streaming capabilities  that provide a valuable tool for monitoring their driving habits, ensuring their safety on the road, and addressing any areas of concern.

#3 Commercial Delivery Drivers

Calling all delivery drivers! Protect yourself and your cargo with a TYPE S Dash Cam. When your job requires you to drive all day long, and park in high-traffic areas, having a dash cam installed is an essential tool for capturing evidence of any incidents, monitoring the driving habits of your staff, and providing valuable footage for insurance claims or disputes with customers.Check out this Ultra HD dual dash cam that’s perfect for commercial drivers. 

#4 Private Drivers like Uber, Lyft, and Rideshare

Segwaying from commercial drivers to those who make a living as Rideshare and private drivers, you too can benefit from a TYPE S Dash Cam by documenting trips, providing evidence in case of accidents or disputes, and ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for both drivers and passengers. We’ve all seen the TikToks of unruly drivers on the road and downright difficult customers. Protecting yourself and your paycheck is as easy as installing a dash cam. For private drivers, we recommend one that records both inside and outside of your vehicle like this dual recording dash cam from TYPE S. 

#5 Long Commutes to Work

Are you someone who has to embark on a long daily commute to and from work? We know that that alone increases the risk of accidents and unexpected incidents so be prepared with a TYPE S Dash Cam. With a 139-degree viewing angle,  you can document your drive and have peace of mind knowing that you're protected in the event of an accident caused by weather or another driver. It’s better to have it and not need it than wish you had it when you do.

#6. Accident Protection

Regardless of which TYPE S Dash Cam you choose, it will provide clear, high-quality footage of any accidents from major collisions to minor fender-benders, helping you prove your or your loved one’s case in insurance claims or legal disputes and stay protected from false accusations. A good choice for those who spend an average amount of time behind the wheel and just want that added security is our dash cam with App control. 

#7. Recording Road Trips for Memories

Even the most breathtaking drives aren’t an excuse to be distracted by driving. Capture the scenery and unforgettable moments of your road trips with a TYPE S Dash Cam and relive your adventures once you’re safely parked or share your experiences with friends and family for years. Our Smart 360 dash cam is the ultimate choice for frequent road-trippers and adventurers. 

#8. Driving Instructors

Are you a driving instructor or do you know one? Did you know that a TYPE S Dash Cam can be a perfect tool to review a student's progress, provide valuable feedback, and ensure a safe and effective learning experience for both instructors and students? If you’re unsure which one to choose we recommend one of our most popular models, the Dual View Dashcam with 2K Cabin View.

#9. Rental Cars

Going on a trip or renting a car for work? Grabbing a budget-friendly dash cam to put in the car can protect you from potential disputes or false claims of damage by providing clear evidence of the vehicle's condition during your rental period. We have something for every budget but if you’re just looking to buy one for occasional uses like this, we recommend our compact dash cam

#10. Racing - Capture Your Best Runs

This one is for all racing enthusiasts! Installing a Dash Cam is the perfect way to record your best runs, analyze your performance, and share your exhilarating experiences with fellow racers and friends. Can you say content? Grab one of our dual recording dash cams that captures everything ahead of you in 4K and your in-car reactions in 2K. Your fans (and sponsors) will thank you. 

A  Dash Cam is a versatile and valuable investment for any driver, providing protection, peace of mind, and the ability to capture memorable moments on the road or on the track. Whether you're a new driver, a commercial driver, a driving instructor, or someone who loves to hit the open road, a TYPE S Dash Cam is the perfect addition to enhance your driving experience. Don't wait - invest in a TYPE S Dash Cam today and experience the benefits for yourself!