What To Look for When Buying a Backup Camera


If your vehicle was built before 1999, chances are your ride may not have a backup camera. After all, federal regulators in the U.S. did not mandate backup cameras until May 1, 1998. Still, because these cameras are an essential safety feature, it makes a tremendous amount of sense to invest in an aftermarket camera for your vehicle. 

Purchasing the right backup camera can be confusing and challenging. There are a number of aftermarket cameras currently on the market today that can easily overwhelm your purchase decision. This backup camera guide helps you make an informed decision when you are choosing which camera to install on your car, truck, or SUV. 

Installation and Adjustability 

Fortunately, you do not need much mechanical knowledge to install an aftermarket backup camera. Still, your satisfaction with your purchase probably depends on how easy the camera is to attach to your vehicle. The most user-friendly backup cameras typically attach near your rear license plate. 

For example, the TYPE S Solar-Powered Wireless Backup Camera With Adjustable Lens is part of a modern and attractive license plate frame. Like any other license plate frame, this camera screws into place. An added bonus feature is the camera's adjustable lens, you can quickly adjust the camera to record exactly where you need.


Likewise, because this camera is solar-powered and wireless, you do not have to run any electrical components to power the camera. 

View Screen and Related Features

While many aftermarket backup cameras come with interior view screens, others require a smartphone or tablet. That can be inconvenient if you do not have a smartphone, or it is being used with another application. If you want a camera with an integrated view screen, you also want one that does not make your car's interior look sloppy. Furthermore, your view screen should have features that improve your driving experience. 

The TYPE S HD Backup Camera With 5-Inch Monitor is an excellent investment. Not only does this camera have a large and easy-to-see monitor, but it also comes with a built-in parking assistant. This assistant alerts you when you are getting too close to buildings, other vehicles, and anything else that may damage your car. It also alerts you to the presence of pedestrians. 

Power and Connectivity

When shopping for a backup camera, you should not forget to think about how you will connect the device to a power supply. Remember, some backup cameras are hardwired, while others operate wirelessly. 

If you want a connected backup camera, check out the TYPE S Smart 1080p HD Backup Camera With Hardwire Connection. This affordable backup camera comes with a hardwire installation kit that allows you to connect the camera to your car's backup lights for a power source. 

Solar-powered backup cameras are becoming increasingly popular, as they often do not require a hardwire connection. If you want to go this route, the TYPE S Wireless & Solar Powered HD Backup Camera With 6.8-Inch Monitor does not disappoint. 


Resolution and Visual Field

When browsing backup camera features, your priority should be on resolution and visual field. That is, you want your camera to provide high-quality images of the areas you most need to see. 

The TYPE S Wireless & Solar Powered HD Backup Camera With Extended Battery gives you excellent resolution. This camera is also customizable, allowing you to install a front camera for split-screen viewing on its 6.8-inch monitor. Furthermore, because of the camera's night vision capabilities, you can see equally well in bright and dim lighting conditions. 

Now that you know what to look for when buying a backup camera, you are ready to add this critical safety enhancement to your vehicle. Ultimately, choosing a camera with the most features takes your driving experience to the next level.